On Thursday, the biggest trade event in the golf industry begins in Orlando – the PGA Show. Every year this show gets bigger and bigger, and the who’s who within the golf world seems to show up at this show. All of the major manufacturers will be there showcasing their new 2011 product lines, along with many small manufacturers who look to this show to provide the consumer with better products. There are a couple of really neat things that take place at the PGA Show that 2nd Swing will try to capture for the “everyday golfer”

First, on Wednesday there is a demo day where all of the manufacturers taking part in the show (everyone is there!) allow a small number of people to try out the new equipment.  We will be testing anything and everything that we can, and provide detailed and honest reviews for you. This will allow you to get more information about the products you may be looking to buy during the 2011 calendar year.

Second, the PGA show is known for having “over the top” products, from $15,000 custom Scotty Cameron Putters to the perfect gadget for your golf bag and everything in between. While at the show, we will be looking for find those unique items that you don’t see everyday at our 2nd Swing retail locations or at your local course.

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