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2012 Travelers Championship – Marc Leishman

2012 Travelers Championship – Marc Leishman
A snazzy 62 for Aussie Leishman for the win!

Cromwell, Conn.- Eight birdies and a bogey free final round will definitely help your chances of taking home the prize money from any tournament. This week’s recipient of the dough from the Travelers Championship did just that. Aussie Marc Leishman started Sunday 6 strokes back of the leader. He finished his round with a 62 and retired to the clubhouse to watch the rest of the pack finish up. I assume he had a giant can of Fosters and some shrimp from the barbie while enjoying watching the rest of the leaderboard drop like flies. But you know what they say about assuming…umm…don’t.

What is it with golfers in the lead putting their balls in the water on the last few holes when it counts the most? That is choking on an epic level! Then leader, Charley Hoffman, pushed his tee shot on 17 into the drink and ended up with a double bogey. He then promptly continued his bedwetting with a bogey on 18 costing him the lead and oh so much dignity.

When asked for a reaction about his score when he went into the clubhouse, winner Leishman said, “I didn’t think it was going to be enough. Golf is a funny game, a really funny game.” Well it’s not hilarious but it does have its comical moments. Like when Chevy Chase said “nananana” while sinking some crazy puts. Or when Happy Gilmore got the crap beat out of him by Bob Barker. Comedy gold! Shooting a 62 in your final round and watching the leader who was 16 under going into the 17th hole completely choke seems more tragic to me. Unless you’re a jerk. Jerks always think horrible things are funny. Are you a jerk, Marc Leishman? You have a weird accent. That seems like a jerky thing to have. I’m gonna keep my blog eye on you Leishman. Don’t make me come through this internet. Because I will! Just say the word and I’ll come through this internet and beat the crap out of you and ride around in your girlfriend’s pouch because I can only assume she’s a wallaby. Who am I kidding? That dude’s Australian. Australians are decedents of convicts. He’s probably got the grip of his sand wedge fabricated into a shiv.

Congrats on your win Marc! Please don’t come through the internets and sand wedge shiv me.

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