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2013 Bettinardi Golf Social: Rare Putters & Unique Customer Care

2013 Bettinardi Golf Social: Rare Putters & Unique Customer Care

Bettinardi Putters: The people are as important as the product.

There are many golf companies out there and rarely do you get to meet the people actually involved in the making of your clubs.  At times I think some of them aren’t even interested in the customer other than a sale.  Bettinardi is different: they make the effort to get to know their customers and allow their customers to get to know them as a company, too.  This past week Sam Bettinardi (Bob Bettinardi’s son) of Bettinardi Golf stopped by the Studio B in Minnetonka, Minn., for a meet-and-greet with customers, as well as showing off some of the custom and one-off putters Bettinardi makes.  I don’t think many other companies take the time with their customers like Bettinardi does.  

rare unique bettinardi putters

At this mini-Summer Social I really enjoyed talking to Sam about where Bettinardi has been this last year and what direction they are headed.  We chatted about the success of having Matt Kuchar play their putter and the popularity of his own signature line.  It has really brought Bettinardi putters to the masses in the golfing world.  While Bettinardi has been around for many years and is known by many for his excellent putters, this PGA Tour exposure has really helped.  They hope to continue the success by adding a few more Tour players to the roster for 2014 increasing their exposure.  We also talked in some detail about the actual process of milling the putters at their shop just outside of Chicago and then the finishing touches done in California.  It is awesome that the whole process is done right here in the USA.  

sam bettinardi golf putters

If you get the chance next time a Bettinardi is in town or you are in Chicago, make sure to get to know the people behind the company.  I think it is just as important as the product itself.  You can see their passion, their care for the customer and what they are all about.  Bring some money too because you might just walk out of the gathering with a cool new putter. 

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