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2014 PING L8 Golf Bags

2014 PING L8 Golf Bags

PING L8 Stand Bag

The 2014 PING L8 is a remake of one of the earliest stand bags out there, the PING L8, which debuted 25 years ago. These carry bags are on the small side to keep them lightweight (around 4 pounds), and a few nice features have been added to the updated version, including a dual strap, four-way top and a two full-length club dividers.

2014 Ping L8 golf bag white 2014 Ping L8 golf bag black 2014 Ping L8 golf bag blue yellow 2014 Ping L8 golf bag red blackIn addition to these four standard color schemes, there are also going to be three colors that will only be available to retailers on pre-order, so when they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

2014 Ping L8 golf bag purple black 2014 Ping L8 golf bag black yellow 2014 Ping L8 golf bag orange black


What prompted this limited edition-style offering from PING? Well, for one, it ensures that the company won’t have excess bags lying around in colors that nobody wanted, and whether a purple bag will take off or be a flop is anybody’s guess. Another possible reason is that the company is trying to tap into the desires of a significant and well-heeled segment of golf consumers who are looking for these limited edition or Tour Issue items specifically because they know noone else in their group will have them. This is a departure on the marketing side for PING, which has traditionally shied away from doing limited runs in the style of manufacturers like Titleist. But we saw it last year with the Bubba Long in Pink drivers, and it appears we’ll be seeing this strategy played out throughout the golf bag, accessory and headwear lineups this year.

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