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2014 Ping i25 Fairway Woods Review

2014 Ping i25 Fairway Woods Review

2014 Ping i25 Fairway Woods: $249.99

The Ping i25 Fairway Woods follow in the tradition of previous i-Series clubs. It’s a simple but powerful look, with great sound and performance that you can see and feel instantly. The i25 is a very solid club for medium to good players that will give you confidence. Meanwhile, it’s maintained the classic i-Series Ping appearance while incorporating the latest in engineering.


With its new i25 Fairway Woods, Ping essentially kept the same look and feel as its i20 product, which is matte black or nothing flashy and distracting. The company did add a graphic along the top of the club’s crown, but this is very subtle.

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The club shape is a little odd versus previous models since it has more mass toward the toe of the club. But it sets up very nice and, as most golfers can attest to, is great for your confidence which in turn helps you hit better shots.

Overall, the i25 is a good-looking club that keeps its simple but makes the statement: “I am only here to hit good golf shots.”

Feel and Sound

When you hit a new i25 Fairway Wood and hear the impact for the first time, it’s that sweet sound you want. The i25 delivers a crisp tone that makes you want to repeat it. The best clubs give you a great sound reward for hitting a great shot, and the i25 did that. Couple this with a solid feel that leaves you feeling that you can really go after a shot if you need to, and you have a  great combo. Again, this is a huge factor in feeling confident, and the i25 delivers.

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Ping is known for the making forgiving clubs, and the i25 Fairway Woods are no exception. The i25 is not the most forgiving club in the bunch. However, for a better golfer looking for a “players” fairway wood without putting it in the woods on every missed shot, this is a great option.

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The i25 comes stock with Ping’s proprietary PRW (Performance, Weighting, and Responsiveness) shaft in 55, 65 and 75 grams. This shaft will keep a low piercing ball flight. If you want a higher launch club, you will have to go with a custom shaft because this will not get you to the promised land.

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The confidence, look and feel that come with an i25, along with its performance, give you one accurate club. You can miss hit this club and still be within range of where you were aiming. Pure it, and it is going exactly where you want. Plus, you get that sweet sound of a club well struck. It makes you want to do it again (I really like how this club sounded if you couldn’t tell.).

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Final Thoughts

Hitting fairway woods is an art form for some and a nightmare for others. This club, the Ping i25 Fairway Wood, at least gives you a fine brush with which to work.

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