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2014 Ping Karsten TR Putter Review

2014 Ping Karsten TR Putter Review

2014 Ping Karsten TR Putters: $149.99

The Ping Karsten TR Putter series is a combination of great Ping traditions and its newest technologies. The classic shapes of the most recognizable Ping putters are back.



Consumers will love the head styles and the options in toe hang that Ping is offering with the Karsten TR (true roll). All of the putters will be offered in a non-adjustable, 35-inch standard, and adjustable 31- to 38-inch version. 

Ping has done it again by using subtle changes in look and technology to one of its most successful lines.



Similar to the Ping Scottsdale TR line, Ping has implemented the variable-depth groove technology into the Karsten TR Putter line. The variable-depth groove technology is designed to increase ball-speed consistency for superior distance control — and more putts made.

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The back-cavity insert is designed to help improve feel and sound. The copper PVD, or physical vapor deposition, finish gives The Ping Karsten TR Putter a unique look for the entire line. The head styles that are being offered are the Anser 2, Anser 5, B60, Pal and Zing.

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Look  (4 out of 5 Stars)

The first thing you’ll notice is the Ping Karsten TR Putter’s beautiful copper finish. The top of the head is a matte, which reduces glare. The sole of the putter is reflective and shiny to give it a “wow” look when it’s in your bag. The sound is very soft, almost nothing. Not having a mallet-style putter may narrow the market and limits the look rating to 4 stars.

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Performance (5 out of 5 stars)

For anyone who likes a soft-feeling putter with a great look, the Karsten TR is for them. The variable-depth grooves are great for anyone who struggles with consistent ball striking with the putter. Over time, 3-putt percentage will be drastically lowered for someone using this Ping.

And the models offered are strategically selected based on toe-hang characteristics. There is 1-straight arc, 3-slight arc, and 1-strong arc. This follows along with the averages of the general consumer.

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Final Thoughts

The Karsten TR series will be a very successful line for Ping once again. It features classic models along with a combination of great looks and technology. This will bring all Ping lovers back, and attract many more new buyers.

The competition (TaylorMade, Odyssey, Nike) will have a hard time keeping up with everything Ping offers in the Karsten TR Putter line. Between the adjustable length, groove technology and iconic Ping looks, the company should do very well in 2014 with their putters. One may even sneak into my bag…

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