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2014 PING S55 Irons Review

2014 PING S55 Irons Review

New PING S55 Irons: $999.99

The PING S55 Irons line is one of the most appealing irons to hit and learn about. We were able to have about 20 minutes of testing in some extreme wind conditions. Along with really hitting this iron, we were able to pick the brain of PING’s senior design engineer Marty Jertson.

The results of this process only validated the quality of this iron.

Look (8 of 10 stars)

The PING S55 Irons has a look that will appeal to some of the game’s better players. A traditional satin finish will give any player an excited feeling when looking down at this club. The PING S55 has a shape that resembles any other PING product, but it’s with a very compact approach.

A very thin top line complimented by minimal offset will give any accomplished player a world of confidence. The only physical downfall for me was that the top part of the toe seemed a little boxy. If PING could have rounded off the toe just a bit more, it would be perfect.


Technology (10 of 10 stars)

Even though the PING S55 Irons set is considered a traditional blade for PING, there is still a good amount of technology here. The custom tuning port (CTP) made of Elastomer in the back of the clubhead allows the player to experience a very soft feel.

The best innovation with this iron is how PING separated the moment of inertia (MOI) from the hosel and the club face. The MOI measured in the hosel is extremely low, making the iron very easy to create golf shots. Meanwhile, the MOI measured in the club face is very high, making this iron more forgiving than any traditional blade.


Performance (10 out of 10 stars)

The S55 Irons is not a forged iron set. However, the sound and feel gives you every impression that it is a forged iron.
Marty Jertson said that the CTP port in the back of the clubhead allows vibrations to dampen, thus promoting an extremely soft feel. The CTP port is made of Elastomer, which is a very soft material giving the iron that forged feel.

Even when I miss-hit this iron across the face or a few grooves down, the feel was never compromised. It’s a classic sensation.

The best-case scenario for me was testing this iron with a 15 mph tailwind. The shot I struggle with the most is hitting the ball high enough to maximize a downwind shot. The PING S55 Irons had no issues getting in the air. The most impressive aspect of this iron is its forgiveness.

This is the most forgiving traditional blade I have ever hit. The 10-gram tungsten weight located in the toe of the iron allows it to be very consistent.

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Final Thoughts (9.33 out of 10 stars)

The more I experiment with PING equipment the more impressed I am. This PING S55 Irons set answers every possible question a great player could have. How could you not want a very workable iron with a good amount of forgiveness. I could see this iron in my golf bag very soon.

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