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2014 TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods Review

2014 TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods Review

New TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods Review: $229.99

The new JetSpeed Fairway Woods are touted by maker TaylorMade as its “longest and most playable – ever.”

Let’s see why.


TaylorMade states that these fairway woods perform so well due to the Speed Pocket in the sole. This small hollow area behind the lower part of the club face helps to increase the spring-like effect of the face and really fires the ball off at higher speeds. The newly designed Speed Pocket is filled in with a polymer material to help dampen sound and vibration and to keep dirt and debris from filling in the opening.

This is an improvement over the previous Speed Pocket.

Next is the high strength “JetSteel” alloy face. This also aids with the increased ball speed.



Like all golf clubs, not every shot was perfect (And the USGA would never stand for it.). But when I hit a good one, the increased launch and distance was very evident. 

A shallower head design (2mm lower than the TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2 No. 3 wood) helps move the center of gravity (CG) lower which will aid in launching the ball higher with more ease. Get the CG of the clubhead below the CG of the golf ball (which is at the equator of the ball), and watch the ball launch higher.

The CG also is actually somewhat more forward toward the face. This will decrease the backspin and increase distance. The JetSpeed will produce about 200 — 300 less rpm than the TaylorMade RocketBallz Stage 2.

Finally, TaylorMade installed a specially built graphite Matrix Velox shaft that’s slightly heavier than shafts it has used in the past to aid the golfer’s control.



The fairway woods have a nice classic pear-shaped design. Matte black in color with some slight graphics on the crown, they align nicely to the ball at address. Not too busy, and to tell you the truth, I didn’t even notice the graphics when hitting shots.

TaylorMade in the past has be known to put lots of artwork on the crown, and in my opinion, too much. This look considerably better.

Face angles are pretty standard looking. These are not open faces, but not too hooked either.



After hitting balls with the TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods, I can report that they have a pleasing sound and solid feel. This may sound contradictory, but they also give off a slight metallic click that is indicative of the thinner face and Speed Pocket design.

It sounds like you just ripped off a great shot and when you look up and see the ball soaring toward its target, you’ll know that you did.

Like all golf clubs, not every shot was perfect (After all, what fun would that be? And the USGA would never stand for it.). But when I hit a good one, the increased launch angle and carry distance was very evident. Since the ball is not back spinning as much, it also lands hot for a little extra yardage.

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