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2nd Swing Commercial Behind the Scenes: Told through Photographs

2nd Swing Commercial Behind the Scenes: Told through Photographs


If you were watching the Travelers Championship on Sunday afternoon (June 24) then you probably saw our new commercial (if you live in the Minnesota area)!  Where our last one focused on 2nd Swing’s crazy-large selection of new and used clubs, the new commercial focuses on our state-of-the-art fitting process and even highlights our Ping nFlight software.  Oh, and the commercial also features two familiar faces from the last one, 2nd Swing’s very own Ross “Rosco” Fuchs (Director of Purchasing) and Aaron Roth (Sales Assoc), who is pictured here with an apple on his head.

Monday, June 10th, 2nd Swing photographer Dave Buyck and I head from Minneapolis to the Minnetonka 2nd Swing location to cover the new commercial shoot for the blog.

Here’s a glimpse of the store before the crew setup for the shoot.

They arrive around 6pm, two hours BEFORE store close.  I know what you’re thinking and, yes, the crew setup in a store full of people… and golf clubs.

Here’s a glimpse of the store AFTER the crew setup.

This is the crew readying the camera equipment.  We shot it all with this one camera.

On the left is Matt Burgess, producer and mastermind behind both of our commercials, and Josh Thacker, his director.  On the right is Matt hitting some balls for test shots– he’s also the actor in both our commercials.  He always plays the ‘customer.’

I’ve circled in red a white strip of tape they setup to designate where the apple would be so they could line up the camera angle to match up shots in post-production.  Dave and myself watched Matt take about five practice hits, and he nailed that strip of tape 5/5 times.  Pretty good.

This bad boy is the actual ‘hitter’ in the commercial.  We only used special effects to super-impose Aaron’s image over a stick that held up an apple.  In other words, this high-pressure air gun with a laser site actually shot the apple, and the apple actually exploded, that was NOT computer generated.

After shots were taken of the apple exploding they were super-imposed over the images of Matt swinging and Aaron standing with the apple on his head (this is why the tape was there, so they could match-up both shots in post, exactly), I hope I didn’t spoil the TV magic for you!

We did have a running joke after watching Matt hit those 5/5 practice balls RIGHT ON the tape, which went something like, “Hey Matt, how about we just forget about the air gun and the post-production special effects.  Just hit it yourself, it’ll be cheaper… Aaron, hold REAL still!”

Ross “Rosco” Fuchs composing himself prior to his Oscar-worthy performance– ‘Harnessing the Chi’ is what I believe they call it.

And, here’s me.  Looking a little worn after a long day of work.  The shoot, without the setup, went from about 9pm-4am!  I left long before the dawn, however.  Thanks to Ross and Aaron for being troopers throughout the whole affair.  Ross even showed up for work the following morning.

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