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2nd Swing Golf hosts Titleist Ball Fitting Event

2nd Swing Golf hosts Titleist Ball Fitting Event

Minneapolis – July 12, 2012 – 2nd Swing hosted the Titleist Mobile Fitting Team at Les Bolstad GC (UofM) for the first ever 2nd Swing Titleist Ball Fitting Event. The object of the event, which ran from 10am to 6pm, was to provide free ball fitting sessions for the eager golfers who signed up through The event was jammed-packed – the fitting schedule reached capacity in the first 48hrs, but that didn’t stop many devoted players from showing up anyway and receiving some free sleeves of golf balls and a special Titleist Ball Fitting Scorecard (the lucky ones were even able to sneak in a quick session with one of the Titleist team fitters).

The event was a great success, the Titleist staff fitting almost a hundred 2nd Swing customers for Titleist Pro V1, DT SoLo and NXT Tour series golf balls. Brent Chapman, Titleist Mobile Fitting Team rep, checked everyone in as they arrived and even found time to share a few words with the 2nd Swing cameras. (video above)

This is the Titleist Mobile Fitting Team’s van, in which they travel the entire Midwest. Titleist has only 3-4 vans going at one time, each team covering their own region of the country, hosting about four events per week.

The Titleist Team tent where players were checked-in and greeted by 2nd Swing’s John Fritz (pictured in turquoise polo and red hat).

Right-center, the monitor the Titleist Team uses for fitting sessions can be seen. This photo is of a session in-progress.

The U of M practice range, located on the Les Bolstad GC site, is well-maintained and easy to find (just off highway 280 and Hennepin Ave East).

Here is Brent, relaxing after his on-site video shoot.  Thanks to Brent for sharing a few words with our camera, and thanks to the entire Midwest Titleist Mobile Fitting Team for showing everyone at 2nd Swing a great time!


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