2nd Swing has done it again. Last week it was PING, this week it’s TaylorMade-adidas Golf announcing 2nd Swing as the Fitter of the Year for the Central Region. This announcement comes amidst TMaG’s much-hyped 2013 product launch, set to kick off today, Feb. 1. To celebrate the award and the launch, 2nd Swing is going to give away a brand new TaylorMade R1 driver, along with a RocketBallZ Stage 2 fairway wood, to one lucky entrant in our sweepstakes, which you can enter into on our Facebook page. (Add a comment to this blog and sign up to receive 2ndswing’s weekly emails for an additional chance to win.)

You might be wondering, what makes these guys so good at this stuff? Well, for one, 2nd Swing fitters go the extra mile (sometimes the extra thousand miles, as with our trip to the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando) to hear about a company’s new products from their most knowledgeable experts. In TaylorMade’s case, 2nd Swing fitters headed to the Westin Hotel in downtown Minneapolis a few weeks ago to hear about the R1 driver, RocketBallZ Stage 2 fairway woods, and RocketBladez irons from Dr. Benoit Vincent, TMaG’s Chief Technical Officer. The club guru, whose first project at TaylorMade was the Ti Bubble shaft, had a totally unique take on the features of his products.

For instance, with the R1 driver, Dr. Vincent thinks the new level of adjustability is important because it offers fitters a more uniform change between loft settings than before (See video below). Industry-wide, manufacturing tolerances allow for about a half-degree of deviation from the advertised loft, so if you have a 9.5-degree driver in your bag right now, it could actually be anywhere from 9.1 to 9.9 degrees. This means that during the fitting process, you might think you’ve tried a 9.5-degree and a 10.5-degree driver of the same model, but you may, in fact, have hit a 9.9-degree and a 10.1-degree, which explains why you might not have seen significant changes to your results.


With the R1’s new 4-degree hosel sleeve allowing for one standard loft for the entire product line, this imprecision has been eliminated. Now, when you switch from the standard setting of 10 degrees to one of the other 11 positions, the change will be exact, so your 10.5-degree setting really is a half-degree change from standard. (Actually, the advertised variations are inexact: each notch really delivers 2/3 a degree of change, not a half-degree.)

It’s these insights that really allow fitters to understand the finer points of what’s happening with your swing when you step in front of the launch monitor.

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