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4 Keys to Better Putting

4 Keys to Better Putting

I would like share with you some thoughts and techniques that could make your putting a little simpler and hopefully better. The anxiety of trying to get the ball in the hole, after working so hard to get it to the green in the first place, can be a key factor in poor putting.

1. Address the BallĀ 

You must begin with good posture and a comfortable stance. At times I will see someone attempting to line up their feet to the hole, when the clubface is the only thing that needs to be aimed on your line. After choosing your intended line, place the clubface behind the ball, then set your feet at a comfortable position that will allow your eyes to be just over the inside of the ball when looking down. Your feet and legs are the foundation to a steady putting stroke and do not move during the stroke. Your feet do not need to be in any particular position: they can be open or closed, narrow or wide and they do not need to be exactly the same from day to day; the key is that you are balanced and stable. Once this position has been established your arms and shoulders should be able to swing freely.

2. Find the Proper Grip

The next key is your grip pressure. You must be able to feel the weight of the club extending from your arms through the hands. If you are squeezing the grip tightly you will not feel anything, which makes it extremely difficult to putt consistently.

3. Keep Your Eyes Down

The next two keys are related to common mistakes I see a lot. First, is the movement of the eyes during and after the stroke, most of this can be associated with the anxiety built up in your mind. Once the eyes move it is more than likely the body will move also. A simple drill is to work on focusing on the ball during the stroke and leaving your eyes on the spot where the ball was for one second count after the ball leaves the putter. Another drill is to hit some 5-foot putts with your eyes closed. You will quickly see how unimportant your eyes are during the execution of the stroke.

4. Don’t Break Your Wrists

The second key is not letting your lead wrist break during the stroke. This will happen when the pace of the stroke is not consistent, either it is too fast or slow on the backswing, causing you to have to decelerate or accelerate on the stroke through the ball. Once you have established a solid set up, allow the putter and arms to work together creating a pendulum action with the shoulders arms and putter.

Working on these techniques should help you learn to enjoy putting more, lower your scores and have a better overall experience on the course.

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