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Behind The Scenes @ 2nd Swing Golf

Behind The Scenes @ 2nd Swing Golf







I have been working for 2nd Swing for about six weeks. Something that has really impressed me is how dense this place is with golfing equipment. As someone who doesn’t golf, I can relate with a vegetarian who works for Omaha Steaks.  However, the worksite here is pretty awesome as well as lush with people who love to work here. And, the people who work here are avid golfers. So many avid golfers. Here are a few photos of the places that customers don’t get to see.

(Above) Here is mighty Dave. He is the 2nd Swing Photographer. All of the used clubs that come through 2nd Swing’s inventory gets its own photo session so that people can see exactly what kind of wear and tear the club might have. His studio consists of Clubs, head covers, coffee and classic rock.

And more head covers. (Not pictured: Dave, classic rock)

(Above) Here are a few clubs that are patiently waiting to be photographed. I enthusiastically said to Dave, “It must be nice to always have some work to be done.” He just kind of muttered something under his breath and ignored me. I’ll say it again on Friday.

(Above) These are the new-to-us used clubs. Here they get inspected, cleaned and whatever else needs to be done to prepare them for customer hands. (Not pictured: A bajillion other clubs)

(Above) Here is the washing station. Let’s face it, the clubs 2nd Swing gets are full of history but empty on TLC. This station lets the club shine and also raises its self esteem. (Remember, Enjoy and Have Fun)

(Above) This is ONE part of the Vault. Customers are allowed to shop from here, but I just wanted to share this picture to give you an idea of where all these clubs can go.  I will continue to post pics as I work here, if there are any places/functions of 2nd Swing you would like to see just let me know.


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