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A Golf Pro’s Life: Nick Rousey on Tour Van Golf Toys

A Golf Pro’s Life: Nick Rousey on Tour Van Golf Toys

A Pro’s Life: Nick Rousey on Tour Van Golf Toys

Most people think it’s a candy store out here (on the Tour) of golf equipment… It’s true — to a degree, but it’s not a free-for-all like everyone thinks.

Nick Rousey

Tour vans are an integral and wonderful part of Tour pro Nick Rousey’s experience in trying to reach the PGA.

So I wanted to give my blog readers a behind-the scenes-look at the golf equipment-side of things on the Tour.  This is a small change of pace from me talking about my play week in and week out, like I’ve done for the few last tourneys.

I know that most people think it’s a candy store out here of golf equipment, and everyone has the key to the door, at least that’s what my buddies figure.

It’s true — to a degree, but it’s not the free-for-all everyone thinks.

We as players are definitely blessed to have access to the best equipment from the premier golf companies out there.  Every week on the Tour there are representatives from all the major golf manufactures, such as PING, Titleist, TaylorMade, Nike, Cleveland and Adams.

We also have smaller companies here, like Fourteen Golf, and shaft makers such as Aldila, UST Mamiya, Oban and Mitsubishi Rayon. They all are here to help us play our best.

At each Tour stop, we have at least one trailer that carries most of the equipment, which is owned and operated by one individual, Tom Hunt, a renowned master clubsmith and independent contractor who’s been following the major tours for more than 20 years in his own custom tour van. Other times, a few of the golf manufactures will send their trucks out to help relieve Tom.

On Tom’s truck, you can find every shaft and grip from Golf Pride, Lamkin, Iomic and more. And most of the companies have a closet with all their clubheads inside in case a player needs a new one.

Nick Rousey


Also, on Tom’s truck is every tool you would need to change a club’s weight, shaft or grip. Plus, he has two loft and lie machines for irons and another one for putters. If you need anything done to a club, Tom’s truck is where you go. In return, we only have to pay him $15 a week per player for his services.

The other tour van trucks usually are from Cleveland, Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade.  If you are on staff (or sponsored) with one of those companies, they are more than willing to help you out. However, most companies will assist any player.

Nick Rousey

Major manufacturers’ tour vans will replace any part or make any club adjustment you need Tour.

I believe they just want you to play your best — and, hopefully, with their equipment in the bag.

You can always try everything you want from any manufacturer, as long as you aren’t under contract to play a certain club from another company. For instance, I’m under contract to play a TaylorMade driver and 3-wood, so I would never go to another company and ask to try out its driver or 3-wood.

It’s the same with hybrids for me. I’m with Adamsso I will always have an Adams hybrid in my bag.

There is one rule: Try all you want — but if it’s not in the bag — give it back!

The companies want you to return the clubs so they know you’re not taking advantage of them and that the new clubs don’t end up on eBay a few days later. Like this week, Titleist was handing out its new 2015 914 D3 Driver, which I think everyone put in play just by looking around at everyone.

It would be a fast way to lose your golf club privileges if that clubhead ended up on the Internet by the end of the day. They keep track of that and would know who did it.

Nick Rousey

Lots of headcover selections in the tour vans. Titleist Scotty Cameron ones here.

Also, on the Titleist truck is a bunch of Scotty Cameron Putters. You can try anything you want, all Scotty Cameron Circle T’s, but once again, you must give back if it’s not in play. Like I said, we are blessed! Just don’t take advantage of the opportunity.  They have a ton of Titliest Scotty Cameron grips and headcovers in drawers for you to choose from, took, plus all the weights you would need to get your putter dialed in just right.

Every week. this is the treatment we get from Monday through Wednesday afternoon. It’s awesome! It’s such an advantage to have this as we grind out on this great Tour week in and week out.



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