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A Golf Pro’s Life: Nick Rousey’s in Brazil and a Missed Cut

A Golf Pro’s Life: Nick Rousey’s in Brazil and a Missed Cut

A Golf Pro’s Life: Nick Rousey’s in Brazil and a Missed Cut

So, Chile is behind me — and a missed cut. Now, I’m off again in South America, flying to Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

It took us two hours to get into the air, which was not nice. And then when we landed and sat on the runway for more than an hour before they parked the plane. Basically, air travel is the same all over the world then. Time to move forward. It’s mid-March and my next stop on the Tour is the Brazil Champions Presented by HSBC at Sao Paulo Golf Club with an $800,000 purse. And in case some of you don’t know, Sao Paulo is huge!

Nick Rousey

Nick Rousey in Brazil. And the Sao Paulo Golf Club from above.

Depending on how far out you measure it, this city can have as many as 26 million people. But most agree that it is 22 million. Also, there were more than 2,000 deaths last year on the roads in the city, which is about 5.5 a day. Motorcycles are everywhere and they drive absolutely crazy.

They are not afraid to pass between cars or go on the shoulder of the road to get around. I would never want to drive in that city. In fact, traffic is so bad on the roads, there are helicopter taxi services. You rent them just like you would a car taxi in the states.  You call the company, and they send you a helicopter that picks you up on top of the roof of the building in which you are located.  

And I saw a lot of helicopters the week I was in Sao Paulo.

Nick Rousey

With so many helicopter taxis above the Brazilian city, crashes happen with some frequency.

The golf course there was really nice, but the weather was not. It rained every afternoon except one, and because of this, I was never able to play a full practice round and wasn’t the only one. I didn’t get to see the back nine before the tournament started.

I was okay with it, though, because I played the tournament last year, and there wasn’t anything tricky about those nine holes of golf.

 Nick Rousey

Photo courtesy Nick Rousey, via Brazil.

I played in the morning for the first round and played much better than I did the previous week. I didn’t make very many putts, but I did hole a bunker shot and posted a 68. Although it sounds like a good score, I still was seven back from the lead after the first round. And when I teed off on Friday afternoon, I was already outside the cut.

Nick Rousey

Nick Rousey on the Tour.

I would have to play another nice round to make the cut. I was doing fairly well until the afternoon storm started to brew, and the wind picked up. It started to swirl around and made it very difficult to pick the correct club. This cost me on the 9th hole, where I hit what I thought was a nice shot, and it came up five yards short of the green — in the water. I was stunned!

I went to the ball drop and then hit another bad shot that missed the green. From there, I did not get up and down and took a triple, which put me four off the cut. I battled hard on the back nine, which included a chip in, but in the end, I could not make enough birdies to make the cut.

My week was summed up on the Hole 17: I hit a sand wedge that landed three feet from the hole and then spun off the green into a water-collection area. It was one of my better swings, but now I was looking at an impossible up and down for par. Then I made it, but only because I took my medicine and hit the chip to 40 feet. From there, I made the putt.

nick rousey

American Jon Curran, 27, won with a four-stroke lead, 25-under 259 and took home a $144,000.

Once again, I wasn’t going to be playing the weekend in a foreign country, with nowhere to go. I spent all weekend working on the range and putting green in hopes to be better for Panama City and the Panama Claro Championship at the Panama Golf Club. I felt like I made some headway in my game, but only time will tell. Luckily for me, I only have to wait till next week. 

Nick Rousey

Home. And Chick-fil-A!

I’m off in hopes of better play. As lucky as I am to be playing golf for a living in these beautiful countries, I am so looking forward to getting back to the states to see my wife, daughter, family, friends — and eat some good ole Chick-fil-A!

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