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Greetings, from the 2nd Swing Golf Blog!  We’re glad that you’ve decided to visit.  This is a place where we talk Golf, with a capital “G.”  Tour news, equipment reviews and new releases, course reviews, swing tips and golf news—this is what we love.  Everyday, we wake up and think about golf while sipping our morning coffee.  Once at work, we’re up to our eyeballs in golf.  When we sleep, we dream about golf.  What do we do when we’re not working or sleeping?  We’ll give you one guess.

The 2nd Swing Golf Blog authors are all 2nd Swingers.  The golf industry is our profession, but the game of golf and writing are our passions, hence, this blog.  We understand the value we can bring to the online golf community by tapping into the many resources within these 2nd Swing walls.  Veterans of the game, golf pros, amateurs and avid players alike walk the hallways at 2nd Swing daily, and we, your blog authors, find it too awesome to keep it all to ourselves.

2nd Swing Golf Blog also has Guest Bloggers—players who are lifelong lovers of the game and writers-extraordinaire—some of them even author their own golf blogs.  Each one is a valuable resource for anything golf-related, and we’re delighted to have them with us.

Share your experiences of this beautiful game as we share ours.