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Actual Photo vs Manufacturer Stock Photo: The Ethics of Selling Used Golf Clubs Online

Actual Photo vs Manufacturer Stock Photo: The Ethics of Selling Used Golf Clubs Online







We here at the online team at 2nd Swing, including your humble blogger, keep up on many different websites selling used golf clubs in an effort to research the competition and keep abreast of best practices in the industry. We like to see if we’re lagging behind in any area, or see what our advantages are and how we can capitalize on them. During this research, we’ve noticed a very important category in which we are unrivaled: the use of actual product photos to describe used clubs.

Condition is one the most important aspects of a used club, about which a customer wants to know as much as they can before making a purchase. Each used club website has its own different rating scale, a mostly arbitrary number that can just as easily mislead a customer instead of informing them about a club’s real condition. Real product images – untouched images of the actual club up for sale – are the only real way for a customer to know what they’re really buying.


taylormade stock photo

Manufacturer Stock Photo of Burner SuperFast Driver

A favorite trick – or, if you prefer, sales tactic – of other used golf club websites is to use stock manufacturer photos of what a club looked like new. So let’s say you’re in the market for a used PING G2 driver, which debuted in 2003: how much helpful information can you glean out of an image depicting a new club when you know it’s been in use for 10 years? This particular malpractice is an attempt – one which works all too often – to mask a website’s deficiencies in inventory, service and professionalism. They don’t want customers to know that their options are, in fact, extremely limited and may amount to one or two clubs that have been through the wringer.

Actual 2nd Swing Stock Photo of an Individually indexed Used Burner SuperFast Driver

Here at 2nd Swing, the opposite is the case: we are very proud of the meticulous and detailed images we take of each club coming through our doors, and want our customers to know everything about a club before they buy.

A Shot of 2nd Swing's Club Photography Studio

Why do we celebrate what others are trying to hide? It’s because of our industry-topping inventory of more than 18,000 clubs, which allows customers to select from dozens of the same model club in various conditions, flexes, and other product specs. It’s also because of our professional, in-house photographer taking pictures high-resolution pictures all day, as well as our automated photo system that snaps several images of each club on its way into inventory. To sum it up, it’s because our ethos of customer satisfaction is actually reflected in the way we go about our business.

Bottom line: if you can’t see pictures of a used club before you buy it, you’ve lost one of your best tools for making an informed purchase.

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