A new driver is coming down the pipeline from Adams Golf. The market leader in hybrids is attempting to make some serious inroads in driver share as well. At the end of this month they will be releasing their latest iteration in the Speedline series of drivers.

Adams Speedline Tech Driver
The newest driver, called the Speedline Tech is shipping to accounts now, but officially launches at the end of the month. It will have a retail price of $399.95, which puts it right in line with other adjustable drivers on the market.

Adams Speedline Tech Driver

The Speedline Tech incorporates some of Adams latest technologies, while introducing some brand new technology that could really be a game changer. Visually they’ve gone away from the matte silver for this model, and depending on your take, that is a good thing. The shape of the driver is your traditional 460cc head shape, but at first glance you notice a carbon fiber ‘wing’ around the edge of the head. This composite wing accomplishes several things; it increases the MOI, while lowering and moving the CG closer to the shaft. This creates a head that is easier to release through impact.

Because of this composite wing, the titanium portion of the driver is smaller and more compact. It is reminiscent of the older 360cc drivers in the feel of the head, but the composite wing inspires the confidence of the larger heads.

The adjustable FastFit shaft sleeve has been changed slightly from the Speedline LS. The previous version had settings for STD, +1, -1, which apparently has been confusing people, so they’ve simplified it to read STD, Open, Closed, Up. The Up setting has been increased to 2* to increase the impact that setting has.

Adams Speedline Tech Driver

But perhaps the biggest technology addition that has been made is what they’re calling their 3DS (3D-Surfacing) Face Technology. This is a change in the bulge and roll of the face for ideal launch conditions for on-center and off-center hits, which results in a claimed 54% improvement in accuracy and more distance. The basic concept is a change in the axis of the bulge and roll, to better fit the miss hits of most golfers. What Adams found was that most miss hits were either high off of the toe, or low on the heel. They moved the axis of the bulge and roll in that direction rather than the traditional horizontal axis. When you look at the face up close it is clearly visible to the naked eye the difference in the bulge and roll.

Adams Speedline Tech Driver Specs

Now to what the club actually feels like and how it performs. At address it has a clean, smooth, uncluttered look. The stock shaft is the Matrix RUL 54, which comes in A, R, and S flexes. If this is a little light, or high launching for your tastes then other options are available, including shafts from the previous Speedline LS model. The shaft sleeve fits from model to model.

Adams Speedline Tech Driver

The sound has a bit too much “ping” for my tastes, which is amplified on miss hits, but slightly more muted on solid contact. It certainly feels just as hot off the clubface as other drivers on the market, but with the Matrix RUL shaft had too high of a launch for my liking. That is not uncommon with my high launch though, so I prefer a lower launching shaft. The RUL shaft is probably a good fit for a lot of drivers, and as is customary with Adams, the shaft is the legitimate version, rather than a branded “version” of the shaft that a lot of other companies use.

Overall this is a very competitive entry from Adams, a driver that can play well for lower handicap players who like to work the ball, and just as easily for a mid handicap player who likes to grip it and rip it. Adams has come a long ways over the last several years, and continues to offer high quality competitive offerings. Let’s hope that with their recent acquisition by the Adidas Group now finalized and in the books, that continues.

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