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Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas Golf Shoes







Every golfer deserves a quality pair of golf shoes: they maintain traction during dewy or
rainy conditions and provide stability through the athletic motion of a golf swing. I’m
the resident shoe guru here at 2nd Swing, with more than 1,000 pairs passing through
my hands already this year. 2nd Swing has a ton of options right around the $60 range,
including shipping, for shoes that retail for more than $100 in stores. In addition to these
lower-priced shoes, each shoe manufacturer has one or two top-of-the-line models that
retail at a higher price point, anywhere from $180 to $300. Our deals get better as the
retail price goes up; $100 or more off the store price is common. It’s worth taking a more
in-depth look at these great-looking, high-performance models. I’ll be running down the
top brands – FootJoy, Adidas, Nike, Callaway and Ecco – with a post for each. First up:
Adidas Golf.

Adidas Golf is owned by Adidas, the same company that owns TaylorMade and
Ashworth. Adidas Golf is the second-most popular shoe maker on the PGA Tour and
among regular golfers, after FootJoy.

Adipure – Retailing at $250, these shoes are Adidas’ priciest and best offerings. With
some shoes you can’t tell if the uppers are leather are synthetic – these aren’t that kind of
shoe. The leather is hand-finished, and the tongue is attached to the upper for a “glove-
like” fit. Two offshoots, the Adipure Z and Adipure nuovo, are also available.

adidas powerband shoe


Powerband: As the name would suggest, these shoes are designed with power-enhancing
characteristics. An extended outsole called the Powerband Chassis is wider than the
upper part of the shoe, keeping you stabilized even if you take a Bubba-like rip at the ball
off the tee.

TOUR360: The main selling point of these shoes is the 360 Wrap around the midsole,
which basically forms the shoe to your foot. The newer editions have very thin soles and
spikes, keeping your foot as close to the ground as possible. If you’re someone who likes
to play barefoot, you’ll like how these shoes feel.

The general consensus is that Adidas golf shoes run anywhere from a half-size too small
to true-to-size, so if you’re ordering online and you’re a size 8, you might consider taking
an 8.5. Most Adidas shoes come with a two-year waterproof warranty.

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