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An open letter to Rickie Fowler

An open letter to Rickie Fowler


Dear Rickie,

I can appreciate your individuality and young fresh approach you bring to the game of golf. It’s cool, it’s in, and it’s a hit with the younger generation. Puma is a perfect company for you to style yourself with, to express who you are as a golfer. The bright colors, the bold prints are perfect for you. I can even appreciate the flat billed hat, because for some reason that’s popular and you rock it. Heck, I’ll even overlook turning the hat around backwards during press conferences. It’s not the way a hat is meant to be worn, but I’ll let it slide.

I’m not a fan really of the monochrome orange Oompa Loompa look on Sunday’s though, that’s got to go. Break it up with some white or black pants at least please. It just looks like your entire outfit hit up a really bad spray tan place. I get the nod to your alma matter, Oklahoma State, but really?  All orange head to toe, is that really the image that you think works?

I know the kids love it, I know your sponsors love it, but there’s a point when it becomes forced. When it’s apparent you’re trying a little too hard. That time is now. You’ve landed your first PGA Tour win, the monkey is off your back and it’s been replaced with a day-glow neon green shirt. It’s time to let the look mature a bit, let it soften just a touch. There’s nothing wrong with the bold colors, but let’s pair it with something a little more fitting for a PGA Tour winner.

And another thing, perhaps even more off- putting than the bright colors is that awful mustache. I mean really, it’s horrible. It reminds me of the “sideburns” I grew in my freshman year of high school. Scraggly tufts of hair that really didn’t match the rest of my hair and looked like I’d shaved the dog and glued them to my face. It doesn’t work, and it makes you look like an old man trying to be young, or a young man trying to look older. Either way, it’s disturbing. Mustaches really don’t work for anyone under 40 or who haven’t had one since the mid-70’s. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about them, and I think that’s French for “don’t grow a mustache if you’re in your twenties and wearing light bright orange.”

But despite your best efforts your popularity is at an all time high; just take a look at the crowd in any tour event you’re playing in. Count the flat bills and quasi-Bieber cuts and it’s clear who the crowd favorite is. So something must be working, maybe I’m just getting ornery in my old age. I am almost thirty after all. But please, perhaps we could just dial it back a bit? I mean if you can’t connect the hair between your chin and your upper lip that should be a sign that it’s not meant to be.

Warm regards and best of luck,

Tim Good

To read more from Tim go to his golf blog,

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