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And Waiting, And Waiting, And Waiting Some More

And Waiting, And Waiting, And Waiting Some More

I wrote on Valentine’s Day that the new golf season is so close you can smell it.  Well we’re still waiting up here and it’ll probably be at least another few weeks before the first course opens.

Was hoping to play a couple rounds in New Orleans and segue right into my goal of getting down to a five handicap this year.  Obviously that’s not going to happen and another trip to the golf dome this weekend is on the docket instead.

On the bright side, the Twins home opener is a week from today, as is the best weekend of televised golf.  Some ales are going to get polished off on the Captain’s Deck at Target Field and I’ll be working hard at deepening that sag in my couch on Saturday and Sunday.

Couple other updates:

– Strength training:  took a short hiatus but we’ll be back in the saddle next week.

– Chiropracter worked wonders.  Back feels great.

– Equipment #1:  Got a Taylor Made Rossa Ghost putter from 2nd Swing.  I really like the weight of a mallet putter as it takes my arms out of the equationand results in a smooth pendulum shaped stroke.

– Equipment #2: Made some wedge lineup changes. Had a 54 degree Titleist Vokey gap wedge that wasn’t quite gapping due to too much spin, and a worn out Cleveland 60 degree.  Tyler at 2nd Swing bent the 54 so that it will act more like a 52, then it just so happened 2nd Swing had a good looking Titleist Vokey 58 degree in stock.  Sure I may lose a little loft around the greens, but the plan is to see if I can make up for that by opening the face a bit.

In New Orleans I hit a 3 hybrid pretty well (rental clubs) so now my wheels are turning as to whether I should replace the 3 iron and 4 iron with hybrids (I’ve had some issues getting the long irons off the deck).  For the record, I shot an 88 in New Orleans.  Not terrible considering it was the first time out and I was renting, but obviously that’s not going to cut it if I ‘m going to get down to a 5.

That’s all for now as patience among golfers in Minnesota is put to the test.

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