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Best Golf Practice Game: HORSE

Best Golf Practice Game: HORSE

Best Golf Practice Game: HORSE

Fun golf practice games and why they are important to improving your course play.

It doesn’t take a lot to amuse me.

Maybe it’s the fact that I really like creativity or that I think like a 12-year-old or that I may have a little adult on-set ADD kicking in. Whatever it is, I know that I love waking up every day to do my job as a golf instructor. I love the people I meet and the game I teach, and I truly look forward to every single day… even when it’s melt-my-face hot outside.

The reason? I get to play games.

The absolute best, top notch, No. 1, super totally awesome golf practice game that everyone always asks to play is HORSE.

Golf Practice Game

A somewhat fitting ironic shirt.

Yep, that simple little game from basketball. You call a shot, then you have to do the shot. If you make it — and I don’t — then I get a letter. First one to spell H-O-R-S-E loses.

Golf Practice Game

Tough lie, and in Iceland, too. For real.

The only difference in our golf version of the game is that you want to get letters. So, if I call “Closest to the yellow flag,” then the person who’s closest gets the letter.

This game works because it has two things that every game needs to have: challenge and creativity. It needs to be difficult enough for everyone, and you need to use your brain.

Golf Practice Game

He’s just painful to watch, no?

And when you think about it, playing HORSE is exactly like playing golf. You have to make your ball go from one place to another. You have a specific target. (Targets also should be specific and creative because it keeps your mind active and ready.). Sometimes you have obstacles in the way. Sometimes you have pressure.

Golf Practice Game

Been there.

When you’re on the golf course, you’re just trying to make your golf ball go from wherever you’re at to wherever you want to go. There are trees and water hazards and bunkers that want to eat your golf ball.

But if you keep your target specific, and get selective by actually choosing the shot you want to make (just like in HORSE), then you are focused and ready to play.

Golf Practice Game

Now, there’s a sport more difficult than golf.

Plus, all those wild shots are so much fun. And you’ll have stories to tell about them.

“Remember the time I curved it around the tree?”

“Remember the time I hit one out of the water?”

“Remember the time I bounced it off the cart path?”

Golf Practice Game

Been there also.

Golf is not just nine holes or 18 holes. Some people in my programs have never been on a course before, but they love playing games on the range or putting green. That’s awesome. And yeah, it’s okay.

HORSE isn’t the only game we play. But, it’s our best.

Golf Practice Game

Ouch, Mike.

Next month, I’ll tell you about another game that may take that crown soon: Battleball.

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