On July 30th & 31st 2nd Swing hosted our 2012 Bettinardi Summer Social Event at our Minnetonka location, which houses the only Bettinardi Studio B in Minnesota.

The event was a huge success! 2nd Swing patrons were able to get fit in our Studio B for new Bettinardi putters, as well as chat with the man behind these milled masterpieces, Robert J. Bettinardi.

We took plenty of photos and even a few videos for you to check out, whether you were able to attend or are just checking in on the latest 2nd Swing happenings. And, for more photos from the event check out this post by Ryan Heiman of Independent Golf Reviews.  Enjoy!

Bettinardi Putter

Beautiful, even up this close


Bettinardi Prototype Wedges

The Bettinardi Prototype Wedges, very limited stock


Bettinardi Queen B Putters

The 2012 Queen B Putters…

Bettinardi Queen B Putters

… Already Sold Out


Bettinardi Studio B Minnesota @ 2nd Swing

Studio B Minnesota @ 2nd Swing Minnetonka


Bettinardi Studio B Minnesota @ 2nd Swing

The ONLY Bettinardi Studio B in Minnesota


Bettinardi Studio B Minnesota @ 2nd Swing

Aaron Roth of 2nd Swing working very hard on this Studio B putter fitting


Bettinardi Studio B Minnesota @ 2nd Swing

Keep up the awesome work, Aaron!


Bettinardi Studio B V1 Pro camera system

The Bettinardi Studio B utilizes the V1 Pro four-camera laser system to give fitters a 3-dimensional analysis of your stroke


Robert J. Bettinardi

Robert J. Bettinardi (left), feeling very at-home in the Studio B Minnesota


Bettinardi Hats

This is part of the spread for the ‘swag’ bag handed out to all our event attendees (btw, SWAG stands for “Stuff We All Get”)


Bettinardi Headcovers

Custom Headcovers… sweet


Bettinardi Headcovers

… and more headcovers


Bettinardi Golf Bag

Bettinardi Golf Bag by Sun Mountain


Ryan heiman of Independant Golf Reviews (www.igolfreviews.com)

Ryan Heiman of Independant Golf Reviews (www.igolfreviews.com) covering the event for his own golf blog


Robert J. Bettinardi

Here’s Bob promising one of his south-paw fans that next year will have more lefty models in the mix


Robert J. Bettinardi

This man knows Putters


Robert J. Bettinardi & Simon Kallel of 2nd Swing

The Bettinardi Summer Social was a family affair as well. 2nd Swing CEO Simon Kallal (left) with daughter Azalea. (center) Phil Kallal, father to the CEO. Bob’s daughter even flew in from Chicago for the event as well! (not pictured)


Robert J. Bettinardi

It’s never too young to start perfecting that stroke, just ask Bob!




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