A thousand apologies! This article is a retraction for our last post, published Sep 24, 2013, entitled ‘Congrats to Brandt Snedeker… AND his new R11 driver!’

The post was on Brandt’s choice in drivers, specifically, the TaylorMade R11 driver he was seen playing at the 2012 British Open. The aforementioned post implied that Brandt Snedeker won the 2012 Tour Championship with his new R11 driver. This was NOT the case.

taylormade burner superfast tp driver
Burner SuperFast TP Driver

Brandt Snedeker won the 2012 Tour Championship with his trusty TaylorMade Burner SuperFast TP driver (pic left), the same model he’s been toting for the last four years or so.

Apparently, Brandt was wielding the white headed club at the British Open, and a few subsequent events, as a temporary replacement for his trusty club of choice until he could find another one. It seems that Snedeker had severely damaged/cracked the face on his old SuperFast TP and was looking for a replacement.

By the time the Tour Championship came around, Brandt had found another Burner SuperFast TP driver, which he used to win!

brandt snedeker at 2012 tour championship
Why did it take Brandt so long to find a new SuperFast TP? Because the model that he used for all those years was never actually put into production. If you look closely at the picture above of Snedeker at the Tour Champ you’ll notice the sole and face of the SuperFast TP driver in his hands is chrome—the same as the original one he owned before it got damaged.

taylormade burner superfast tp driver
Burner SuperFast TP Driver
taylormade burner superfast driver
Burner SuperFast Driver

The actual Burner SuperFast TP driver has a black finish on the face and sole (pictured above, left). TaylorMade produced the TP driver with chrome face and sole exclusively for its tour players during the years the model was current in order to promote the Burner SuperFast original (pictured above, right) to the market. That said, TaylorMade never actually produced the chrome face and soled Burner SuperFast TP driver for consumers, just its tour players.

taylormade burner superfast driver
That is why it took Brandt so long to find that new SuperFast TP driver. TaylorMade never really ‘made’ them, and it was probably not easy to find and secure a Burner SuperFast TP driver with a chrome face and sole.

Why didn’t Brandt just use a SuperFast TP driver with the stock black sole and face? Your guess is as good as mine. If you reply to this post at the bottom with a good answer, however, I’ll send you some free golf balls!

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  1. stetson.andy@gmail.com'
    Andy Stetson

    After watching him win at Pebble today with a Burner SF, it led me to wonder why he used that driver to this day. I’m guessing that his love for the chrome TP version is a comfort thing. He’s used to that specific model driver, and is used to the chrome. Just like a “lucky golf glove”, use it until it breaks, then try to find the exact same one to replace it, otherwise, it’s not the same.


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