The golf ball. Perhaps the most underrated piece of equipment in a golf bag. While some are looking to save an extra buck or two by purchasing the cheapest ball on the market, those that truly understand the importance of having the right golf ball to match their swing are getting custom golf ball fittings. The argument is simple: the golf ball is the only piece of equipment used on each and every shot so why not find that will maximize your results?

At 2nd Swing Golf, we recently had Bridgestone Golf ball-fitters set up shop for a few hours at both of our retail locations. Customers were given the opportunity to whack around their most used golf ball on a launch monitor and were able to compare the overall ball flight with what Bridgestone’s balls would offer. Many that tried the ball-fitting process were brand new to the idea of finding a golf ball to match their swing. Now they can be added to the growing list of golfers who see the importance a golf ball can truly have.

Bridgestone Golf is just one of the many golf companies offering top tier golf balls. Depending on what is important to you as a golfer, they’ve got a product that will complement your game. Their soft-compression e6 ball is their top-seller and fits the widest variety of golfers due to its consistently straight ball flight. For the better player, the Tour B330-S can act as your personal sidekick around the greens, providing an increased spin rate for added control. Hitting the ball too high? Not high enough? Lookingfor more distance? These are all areas a new golf ball can drastically improve.

If you’re looking to learn more about the perfect ball for your game, here’s some good news: it’s never been easier to do a ball-fitting thanks to the interweb and our friends at Bridgestone Golf. So give it a shot. It might even give you one in return.

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