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2014 Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Patriot Pack Rangefinder Review

2014 Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Patriot Pack Rangefinder Review

New Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Patriot Pack Rangefinder Review: $299.99

Buy it here!The new Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Laser Rangefinder’s PinSeeker technology comes with this neat new feature called Jolt. Basically, once you lock in on any target, like the flagstick, the handheld rangefinder vibrates like an old pager. It works and is kinda fun to play around with, frankly.

The Tour v3 JOLT, with that quick vibrate, makes it accurate to the stick on the green and at nothing else behind or between. You know, like a tree. And compared to the Tour v2, which was a great model, I found that the JOLT tech makes all the difference in the world knowing for certain that you lasered the pin and not something else on accident. 

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Performance (4.5 out of 5 stars)

I used the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT to laser in on distances with yardage-marked flags. I also paced off some of other targets — like a street lamp and a tree right next to the ball I chucked for my dog —  just to double check the accuracy. I most definitely can see how this will give me greater confidence in choosing the right club for the right target.

The graphics and information from the sensors are simple to read and understand and come back with distance settings within seconds, which should even improve your pace of play. However, the black internal numbers, sights and symbols don’t have quite the clarity that you can find with the pop-out red in the slightly pricier and a little more advanced new Bushnell Z6 JOLT Laser Rangefinder. 

The Tour v3 JOLT also worked nicely up hills,  which some other brands’ rangefinders do not do so well. The Tour v3 JOLT got even better as I started to lose daylight. Like most of them, the rangefinder also worked best when targeting brighter, more reflective objects — such as a flag. That did the trick. After only a few tries, I was comfortably relying on the measurements and jolt. Easy to get used to this.

So, I can see why the U.S. Golf Association recently decided to permit the use of distance-measuring devices in all USGA amateur championships, but not all events (PGA Tour players use them only during practice rounds to get an clearer sense of the course.). It almost feels unfair, well, if you can accurately hit a golf ball specific distances.

The price is right, too, for all that sleek and fun tech — that actually works — and the accessories and donations to vets that come with it. The Tour v3 JOLT Laser Rangefinder really stands out, especially compared to what competitors have out on the market right now.  


Look (5 out of 5 stars)

The Bushnell Tour v3 is a slick little gadget. And it’s small enough to fit in your golf cart’s drink holder. It just has that boy’s toy thing going for it. It’s lightweight, yet has that “it must be expensive” heaviness to it.

And I’ve never really understood the whole ergonomic jargon, but that’s what the Tour v3 JOLT is described as, and it is really easy to hold, keep up to your eye and use. So that must be it. It fit perfectly in my hand, maybe even being a little smaller than need be (Although, I suppose one day, we’ll just be able to pop in a contact lens to do the job.).

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The Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT might even make you play a little a better, if you’re not like me, and can hit accurately often. 

Then the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT has this clam shell-like, tough, zipper carry case with a carabiner on the back to latch onto your golf bag. It’s just plain cool to look at, with a sort of reflective silver mesh material on the exterior and webbing inside to make sure it doesn’t slip out and a nifty elastic latch for quick use.

A portion of the purchase price also will be donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation, which provides educational support and opportunities to the families of service members disabled or killed in during their military service.

The Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT Patriot Pack comes with a Folds of Honor Foundation bag tag and 10 Zero-Friction tees with the insignia on them.

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Technology (5 out of 5 stars)

So here are some of the Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT specs:

  • The range runs from 5 to 1,000 yards.
  • So, it’s accurate to the flag up to 300 yards.
  • And it’s accurate to a tree up to 700 yards.
  • Finally, it can hit ping off something as big as a house, literally, up to 1,000 yards away.
  • It has 5x magnification.
  • It weighs 6.6 ounces.
  • The eyepiece is adjustable, so, if your like me and wear glasses, you can fiddle with it.
  • It’s accurate to within 1 yard.
  • Rainproof.
  • Two-year warranty included.

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Final thoughts (overall 5 stars)

How does it work then? Well, according to Bushnell PinSeeker digital microprocessor technology emits an invisible infrared energy pulse (How cool is that?), which then instantaneously bounces off the target and back. Then, boom, the distance pops up within the viewfinder with a “Jolt.”

It’s just that Silicon Valley simple. However, Bushnell engineers do it, the Tour v3 JOLT is easier than ever and will save you time, energy and brain power out on the course. The Bushnell Tour v3 JOLT might even make you play a little a better, if you’re not like me, and can hit accurately often. 

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