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Callaway Hex Black Tour golf balls – Buy a Dozen, Thank Ernie Els Later

Callaway Hex Black Tour golf balls – Buy a Dozen, Thank Ernie Els Later

The email from Callaway landed in my inbox last week and I immediately knew I would be taking advantage of this offer.

Ever since Ernie Els completed his surprising victory at The Open Championship, Callaway has worked hard to make sure that golfers everywhere knew that Els is a Callaway guy. There were advertisements, there was an avalanche of social media activity and then came the best sale of this 2012 golf season.

Playing off of Els’ 72-hole total of 273 at Royal Lytham & St. Annes, the company put its Razr Fit driver on sale for $273 and reduced the cost on a dozen Hex Black Tour balls to $27.30. And, of course, the deal only runs for 273 hours.

While the Razr Fit driver – Callaway’s first to feature full adjustability – is a good club, the golf ball deal is fantastic and worth taking advantage of.

After testing the Hex Black Tour for a brief time this spring, I found myself somewhat interested and intrigued. When I learned of the price drop, I immediately picked up a dozen for further examination.

My take is pretty simple: The Hex Black Tour is easily the best ball that Callaway has produced, in my estimation, and it largely lives up to the hype.

Callaway’s claim is that the Hex Black Tour is the only premium ball that can deliver results without sacrificing one part of the game. The company goes as far as to say on its website that “this golf ball strikes the perfect balance of Tour performance for both the distance-seeker and the control freak.”

hex black tour golf ball

Other makers of premium golf balls all have one model that focuses a little more on distance (Titleist’s ProV1x, Srixon’s Z-Star XV, Bridgestone’s B330) and one that is a little more about control into the green (ProV1, Z-Star, B330-S).

Can the Hex Black Tour really do both? Some of that depends on the golfer. In my recent testing, however, the ball largely delivered. For me, the Hex Black Tour is certainly comparable off of the tee to the Titleist ProV1x that I play on a regular basis. When I hit it hard, the ball goes. It isn’t like some balls that you think you pounded and you walk out there and say, ‘That’s it?’

hex black tour golf ball

I found spin into greens on full iron shots to be fine. I’m not a player who hits shots that back up or zip off of greens. For me full shots would end up within a step or two from the ball mark. I certainly feel comfortable hitting a Hex Black Tour at a pin and knowing it is going to stop.

Spin around the greens on pitches and half shots were fine. The Callaway ball doesn’t stop quite as quickly as some of the spin balls on the market, but it isn’t a rock either.

One area where the Hex Black Tour does shine is its durability. Full shots and full wedges didn’t leave huge scuff marks like some other balls.

The verdict for me is pretty simple. This is a very solid golf ball in what is a field filled with more and more good products. If you are a brand loyalist when it comes to golf balls, it might not be worth it to make a switch. But if you like to try different products or you like a bargain, the Hex Black Tour is worth picking up.

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