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Cleveland 588 Wedges Review – Bounce, Specifications

Cleveland 588 Wedges Review – Bounce, Specifications

Cleveland 588 Wedge Review

When people think wedges, people think Cleveland Golf.  Since it’s inception in 1979 when Roger Cleveland started the company they have been known for the wedge.

By far the most popular wedge ever created by Cleveland Golf was the 588 series.   Versatile for all situations, the “thin leading edge” assures “crisp shots” from even the hardest fairways. These wedges spin more, hold the green well and are good for those tight lie shots.  They have almost no bounce, making it easy to get out of thicker rough and sand, though probably not ideal for softer sand where bounce is a benefit.

Available in several different finishes (Chrome, BeCu, Gun Metal, Black Melonite, RTG) and specifications, Cleveland 588 wedges have stood the test of time and are still available brand new to this day.  In today’s golf world where manufacturers are trying to find the edge and the latest and greatest everyone would be smart to take a page out of Cleveland’s thought of keeping with what works.  Although they themselves still have new wedges coming out (check out the new CG16!), we still get more people looking for a good old 588 than any other wedge available.

You can pick up a nice used 588 gunmetal wedge here on the 2nd Swing Cleveland 588 Wedge page.

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  • Garry Desjardine on April 9, 2012

    If a person was in possession of an older 56 Degree 588 Cleveland Sand Wedge (which does not show the bounce)& is trying to duplicate it with a new version how would one find out the older clubs bounce?

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