Used Cleveland CG16 Wedges

When looking down at the club, not much differs from previous wedge models, however that is where the similarities end. Cleveland has changed the technology in the CG16 line to give you the ultimate in feel and performance, yet still has with some forgiveness, something that is not often found in a wedge.

The club head is slightly larger overall compared to the CG15 & CG 14, and the back of the wedge has a slight cavity that lowers the center of gravity and increases MOI to help with off center shots. Adding the forgiveness without changing or altering the versatility of the wedge is something that many have been asking for and it appears as though Cleveland Golf has delivered.

Cleveland Golf has spent much fo the 2010 year focusing on the “Year of the Wedge”, and although the USGA rules are changing regarding grooves it appears by all indications that the CG16 will stop on a dime for you. ┬áThe CG16 is available in three finishes, Saitn, Oil Quenced, & Black Pearl

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