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COBRA Baffler XL Driver

COBRA Baffler XL Driver

COBRA Baffler XL Driver: $249.99 

Click HERE and buy the new COBRA XL Baffler Driver from 2nd Swing.

Click ABOVE to buy the new COBRA XL Baffler Driver from 2nd Swing.

Images of and info about the new 2014 COBRA Baffler XL Driver

The COBRA Baffler XL Driver is described by the Puma-owned company as an easy-to-hit driver “packed with game-improvement technologies.”

It’s meant to be simple to drive it far and straight and, most importantly, help you to enjoy the game of golf more. 

The club offers an offset design to both promote draw-biased shots and combat the dreaded slice. It provides maximum distance off the tee, according to COBRA. The company’s research and development team expanded the face, which is the largest ever to feature E9 Face Technology, while lowering the center of gravity (CG). The combo is meant to deliver easy distance, even on the worst of shots.

2014 COBRA Baffler XL Driver face

2014 COBRA Baffler XL Driver face

The large face also is supposed to help inspire confidence. It’s coupled with the high moment of inertia (MOI) design, to tame miss-hits and put the ball farther down the fairway.

cobra-baffler-xl-driver 1

“The COBRA Baffler XL Driver delivers #EasyDistance from anywhere on the driver face!” — COBRA



Check out some of the new design changes illustrated below just for COBRA’s new Baffler XL Driver. Compare and contrast the photo with the explanation of the technology.

The finished product and what went into it below.

The finished product and what went into it below.


High MOI

Weight positioned low and back in the head to deliver high moI/forgiveness for more distance and directional control on off-center hits.


Over-size face with E9 technology

Oversize Face with E9™ Face Technology: COBRA’s largest driver face (5000 sq. mm) creates a larger “trampoline” across the face with significant face area above the cg for high launch and low spin drives.



Offset design

Offset Design allows the golfer more time to square the face at impact for higher, straighter, more draw-biased shots.

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