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Como Golf Course of St. Paul MN

Como Golf Course of St. Paul MN







It is much easier to appreciate a round of golf when the forecast warns of bad weather and the day turns out perfect. This was the case last Saturday for me and my group at The City of Saint Paul’s Como Golf Course.  I took a few photographs as well.  The round turned out to be a great experience at a city-owned course.

Como Golf Course

Saturday I can honestly admit could not have been better.  From the moment we arrived at 10:30 a.m. the weather was perfect and the staff was very welcoming and friendly.   Como is owned by the City of St. Paul, and this is a perfect example of a course that is serving its community.  From the weekend father-son pair to a group of friends just playing 18 to unwind this course allows for a fairly inexpensive and relaxed round.  It combines the challenge of many slopes and hills with playable traps and hazards. This is a great place for someone to begin to learn the game, or continue to love it.  Here’s a clip of Tony’s (2nd swing golf blog author) approach on the 3rd, par 4- sticks it just right of the pin:

One thing that stood out for me was a few words shared on the tenth tee box. A man named Tom Dapper came out to greet my foursome at the turn.  He not only welcomed but also thanked us for coming to the course and wished us a good rest of the round. Tom is a member of the Como Regional Park Advisory Committee and I can honestly say that the hospitality received was a very pleasant surprise. I am glad we chose Como.

Here’s a clip of Danny W, one of 2nd Swing’s club-listers, making a great-yet-odd-looking 7-foot putt:

And if you ever find yourself near the historic Como Zoo and Conservatory please do check out the run just off Lexington.  Just make sure you watch out for the creek in front of the 18th green, that way unlike me, you will not go for an unsuspecting swim.

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