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Diablo Octane Tour 9.5 Diablo with Diamana Red Ion Shaft

Diablo Octane Tour 9.5 Diablo with Diamana Red Ion Shaft

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The Diablo Octane Tour 9.5 Diablo with the Diamana Red Ion Shaft — Where power meets performance!

In a time where there are so many driver choices it is tough to find one that you feel 100% confident putting in your bag.  I think the search is over!  Maybe the demo day gods were watching over me for just a day or so as I hit this driver as good as I have hit any driver, period!  Callaway has made a big deal of their new “forged composite” techonology and to be honest, I thought it was just another avenue to market.   I am a novice when it comes to technology and most times don’t even care if I hit it straight and over 225.  I thought forging was meant for irons and only irons but the feel on this face is second to none, at least for me.  The miss hits are forgiving and still feel very good off the face.  The Diablo Octane Tour is very responsive, and with an upgrade to the Diaman shaft it feels even more fantastic.

Diamana Shaft

It is very hard for me to give good feedback on a driver as most times I slice so bad that I can’t make a decent suggestion on what I liked or didn’t like.  I could tell instantly when I miss hit it and even when I did, the ball stayed true to its path with little spin.  The true test to its power was when hitting into the wind it still produced great carry and overall distance.

I am a traditionalist so the look and setup of this tour head is very appealing to the eye and gives me ultimate confidence when swinging.

Look: A-
Feel: A
Consistency: B+
Performance: A
Price: B+

Overall I would grade this club an A based on all factors above and would have no hesitation in recommending this club anyone, especially with the addition of the Diamana shaft.

John Bezdichek

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