To maximize your abilities on the golf course, don’t torture yourself trying to learn how to hit a club just because it’s part of your complete set. It’s far more important to equip yourself with clubs that fit your playing style and accentuate you strengths. Just check out Minnesota golf legend and PGA Tour player Tom Lehman’s bag. He only plays a few clubs of any given set, and has instead compiled an ensemble that he knows he can trust to make the shots he needs.

In fact, most off-the-shelf iron sets come with two clubs – the 3 and 4 irons – that an average golfer won’t or shouldn’t use. According to, today’s 4-iron is just about as unhittable as the 1965 3-iron,” a club that nine out of 10 golfers were unable to hit accurately. In addition, as pitching wedges steadily decline in loft from about 50° in 1965 to 45° today, golfers now have to purchase an additional wedge to bridge the gap between pitching and sand wedges. This means that three extra clubs often must be purchased just to complete a set.

To top it off, sets straight from the rack haven’t been tailored to an individual golfer’s specific swing motion. When you look at it this way, it’s easy to see why purchasing clubs customized for you is such an attractive option for so many players.

Obviously, we regular golfers don’t have access to the sheer volume of different brands and models Lehman does, but there are places you can go to get fitted with the right clubs for you. In the Twin Cities area, 2nd Swing’s retail locations in Minneapolis and Minnetonka feature state-of-the-art simulation banks and a knowledgeable staff that can fit you right in the store. With an extensive selection of clubs on hand, you can walk out with the clubs your game needs to continue improving.

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