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Treated Like a King

Treated Like a King

Nick Rousey is a member of the Tour and hopes to play his way into some PGA Tour events in 2014. In 2013, Rousey made 12 cuts in 21 starts on the Tour, including top-3 finishes at the Stadion Classic and Mylan Classic.

I was invited to the TaylorMade Golf Kingdom in Carlsbad, Calif., a really nice perk to being a member of the Tour. I am under contract with TaylorMade to play a driver and 3-wood, so I was going there to get fit for new woods and check out the new TaylorMade TP irons for 2014.

nick rousey article 1 taylormade kingdom

 We arrived and were welcomed by Perry, the TaylorMade club fitter that would be helping me for the day. As Perry showed me outside to the driving range to warm up, my wife and daughter were shown to the cafeteria and then to the very plush waiting area, filled with a big screen TV and leather chairs, while I did my fitting. 

nick rousey article 1 taylormade kingdom 2

Perry showed me my spot on the range, which already had my name on a sign, and let me warm up, as he went and got some equipment I would be trying for the day. He came back with brand new irons that already had been built for me, three new drivers, and a new 3-wood. We began with the irons, after he explained all the new technology that is involved. After hitting some of the wedges, I could tell something wasn’t exactly right with them, but wasn’t sure what it was at that moment. I hit about 10 balls, and the clubs really started to feel heavy, so I had Perry check the swing weight. Coming back he said they were correct, but that was when I saw what the problem. They had put the wrong shaft, one that is a little heavier than I currently use, in all the irons they had built. He was very apologetic and said they would fix the error and have a new set of irons sent to me. The irons I did hit were great! Not only do they look great, but also launched higher and felt amazing. I’m very excited to work with them and try to get them in the bag before the season starts.

nick rousey article 1 taylormade kingdom 3

Next we hit the new SLDR 14° 3-wood. It didn’t take him long to find a shaft that I could control and hit straight. Once we did that, Perry put me on Trackman to compare the new club to my old Stage 2 3-wood. There was no comparison. The SLDR launched higher with less spin, and I started hitting much farther than my old 3-wood.

nick rousey article 1 taylormade kingdom sldr fairway

Finally came the testing of the new drivers on Trackman. We started with the SLDR 460 in a 10.5° loft, which was nice, but the numbers were not better than the R1 that I’ve been playing. Then I hit the new SLDR 430 in a 12° opened to 10.5°, which looks really good and the numbers were a little better than my R1. We were on the right track. Finally, we tested the new JetSpeed driver in a 10.5°. After I hit one ball I knew why they call it JetSpeed. All my numbers were way better than my R1! My ball speed went up, my launch went up, and my spin went down. It was so much fun to hit that driver and just watch the ball fly through the air. Every year I think I have the best driver ever and then TaylorMade figures a way for me to get something better that gives me a few more yards. It’s really amazing!

nick rousey article 1 taylormade kingdom jetspeed driver

At the end of the session Perry told me he would have everything built up for me and shipped to my house this week. I thanked him for the time and we headed out the door. It is such a pleasure to be taken care of and for someone to take the time to make sure things are right with my equipment. If you ever get the chance to go to The Kingdom in California or The Kingdom in Georgia I would highly recommend it. It’s a really enjoyable experience!


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