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Golf History Relived At The 2012 Zurich Classic with TaylorMade, Puma, Hugo Boss and Others

Golf History Relived At The 2012 Zurich Classic with TaylorMade, Puma, Hugo Boss and Others







A company like TaylorMade Golf, is known more lately, for the flash and ‘wow’ factor in

their marketing. The company who gave us Rocketballz, (one of the more questionable

product line names in recent memory), and the first white headed lineup in the game, is used

to drawing attention to their players and their brand. Other companies like Cleveland and

Ping have also jumped on the buzz and marketing train but this week at the Zurich Classic,

TaylorMade Golf, the leaders in golf marketing innovation and brand image took a step



In time that is. As part of a joint promotion celebrating the 100th anniversary of Zurich

Insurance Group, and the 100th anniversary of the births of golf legends like Ben Hogan, Sam

Snead and Byron Nelson, the companies teamed up to create a promotion unlike any other. In

a piece of throwback brilliance they, along with companies like Puma and Hugo Boss put

seven players in classic golf duds. Custom crafted baggy knickers, shirts and ties, along with

argyle socks, sweaters and driving caps. Dressed to the nines, the players teed it up for a

three-hole charity exhibition using vintage hickory shafted clubs.

The seven players taking part each received $1,000 for the charity of their choice, with an

additional $1,000 going to the winner. The players who participated were:


* Keegan Bradley

* Ben Crane

* Luke Donald

* Rickie Fowler

* Graeme McDowell

* Justin Rose

* Camilo Villegas


As an avid fan of the golden era of the game, and the history it is steeped in, I enjoy seeing

such a unique and vintage exhibition. The mix of modern players in old school clothing using

classic hickory shafted clubs is a great way to blend the eras. What better way to appreciate

the glory and tradition of the past while promoting the future of the game through some of

its brightest stars?


When was the last time you saw a player from today frozen at impact with a hickory shafted

club. It’s a beautiful image that makes me wonder how players today would have managed

back in the age of real ‘woods’. These players gave us a glimpse of what it might be like if

they had played in that era, with those tools. The exhibition resulted in a pair of co-winners,

with Ben Crane and Camilo Villegas each carding a 1-under par score in the 1912 inspired

shootout. They both donated their $2,000 winnings to charities of their choice. Granted

it was just an exhibition, but it was a look back at a more simple time, a time when the only

thing that mattered was the game. It was a refreshing time, one of joy and dedication to the

game itself. Thank you to Zurich, for the Zurich 100 Year Challenge and the other companies

for giving us a peak into that world and reminding us of what the game we all love used to be

and how far we’ve come.


Tim Good is a guest contributor to the 2nd Swing Golf Blog.  You can read more from Tim on his own golf blog, Life From The Short Grass


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