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Golf Personal Training — Taking Fitness Out of the Equation

Golf Personal Training — Taking Fitness Out of the Equation

Golf personal fitness training is an easy one if I really want to get down to a 5 handicap.  In 2010 I found myself laboring to get through 18 holes when walking, especially on courses with tougher terrain.  My back would lock up and my foot heels would go numb.  Not surprisingly, I was having a tough time closing out rounds.  The golf swing wasn’t happening naturally, my brain was weary, and my mind would drift from thoughts of shotmaking to the details of my various ailments, not to mention wondering how I got so old so fast.

For the past six months my wife has been doing personal training at a place called Discover Strength in Plymouth, MN.  You do machines, rotate exercises, and they push you until you have complete muscle failure.  She’s seen some pretty good results (lucky for me), and apparently there’s some good science behind the regiment (which I will not go into here).  Then she started bugging me to do it, mostly in reaction to said thoughts of feeling old.

I always said no because I didn’t want to spend the money.  Yet it was clear I needed to do something.  Back issues aside, my posture was terrible from sitting at a desk the past 10 years and my physique was not at all impressive (I should say “is” not impressive).  Plus it wouldn’t hurt to drop ten pounds.  So I gave in for the sake of long term health.

It’s only been three weeks, but I feel a little leaner already.  The workouts are intense but short (30 minutes), and you can barely lift your arms or walk after.  I do it once a week on top of playing hockey once or twice a week.

Overall, the goal is to take fitness out of the equation.  There’s simply no benefit to being tired at the end of a round, especially when you’re playing a tough course where a good score could mean a nice post.  In my Drive for 5, I am committing to weekly training sessions once per week for at year. We’ll see if it helps — I don’t know how it couldn’t.

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