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Golf Shoe Trends Tied to Innovation, Versatility

Golf Shoe Trends Tied to Innovation, Versatility

Golf Shoe Trends Tied to Innovation, Versatility

Can you believe it, golf shoes are in? With new spikeless tech and more styles and comfort available, people are wearing them from the course to work to wherever.

PUMA is a leader in making multi-use golf shoes that look like its modern yet "traditional" shoe brands, such as the 2014  Monolites.

PUMA is a leader in making multi-use golf shoes that look like its modern yet “traditional” shoe brands, such as the 2014 Monolites.

From spikes to spikeless to wingtips to sneakers and now even, ahem, basketball shoes, chances are you won’t have too much trouble finding a pair of golf shoes that not only fit your feet but also your personality.

With so many high-profile younger players (and who care about fashion and style) filling tournament fields each week, it should come as no surprise that apparel and footwear are quickly becoming more athletic, colorful and performance-driven, all while sporting some serious couture. 

Golf Shoes

Yes, these are golf shoes. The 2014 ECCO Golf Tour Hybrid shoes.

Classic colors like white, black and brown have been seen quite a bit of play out on the course. But, in keeping with the trends, even traditional colors and retro look-alike shoes have been mixed with subtle yet vibrant splashes of brighter colors somewhere on the shoe. It’s called having flair or flare, to some (Rickie Orange — or in pink below.). 

Golf Shoes

Rickie Fowler, never one to blend in, pinks out in PUMA golf shoes.

“Innovation in materials and technology has made some shoes only a few years old obsolete,” said Grant Knudson, head of footwear at PUMA Golf. “Many of the old saddle shoes of the past are dinosaurs, and you’d be at a serious disadvantage if you still played in them. Footwear is equipment and you need the best to play the best.”

While certainly the spikeless golf shoe market has been booming in the last few years, the market may in fact be stabilizing a bit in the United States, according to first quarter 2013 a Golf Database study (which might be a bit dated).

“Casual and versatile, spikeless golf shoes are very popular as they offer great style and comfort with the ability to wear on and off course,” Knudson said. “However, the supply has caught up with demand and we’re actually seeing innovation in cleated footwear which resulted in increased interest in the golf community.”

Seemingly long gone are the days of hopping up and down in the parking lot trying to change into or out of your golf shoes. Rather, today’s shoes are typically as comfortable on the course as off.

Golf Shoes

Increasinly, players can go from the links to the movies with stylish looks, laid-back comfort and spikeless tech like the 2014 Callaway Chev golf shoes

One trend that shows no signs of slowing down is the race for the lightest shoe so don’t expect to see any of the old, super heavy shoes of the past coming back anytime soon.

“It is super important to have light footwear, especially when you’re walking 18 and wearing them for five-plus hours,” Knudson said. “With new, innovative materials, we’re able to push the limits and have the ability to construct shoes that are extremely lightweight, yet very stable.

“When designing golf shoes, we really try to start with only what’s necessary and add only features that are necessary for comfort and performance. This allows us to construct extremely comfortable, durable and lightweight shoes that withstand the test of time.”

One thing is certain. Golf fashion is continually evolving with many trends tied closely to innovations in technology.

Golf Shoes

New Balance makes popular athletic golf shoes, such as the 2014 Minimus, that cleated but spikeless and look ready for a hike or walk around the block as much as the fairway.

So what’s next from the folks at PUMA Golf?

“We’ve made huge style and technology advancements in our 2015 lineup that will change the way you think about your golf shoes,” Knudson said. “We’ll just say they’re super cool. You’ll have to stay tuned.”

Consider it done.

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