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Introducing: PING’s i20 Line

Introducing: PING’s i20 Line


PING is set to release a brand new line of i-Series woods – the i20 driver, fairway woods, and hybrids – within the next month or two. Like other i-Series entries, the i20s will target more advanced players, offering lots of workability while improving forgiveness over the previous i15 line.


i20 Driver

The i20 driver was designed to be more forgiving and easier to hit than its predecessor, the i15. The neutral club head bias, a change from the i15’s fade bias, should appeal to a broader swath of players. The i20 has also been crafted from a softer metal than the i15; the 460cc head is made from Ti 8-1-1: a light-weight, low-density titanium alloy. This new material has allowed PING to improve weight distribution across the face and increase forgiveness by leaps and bounds. To improve distance, PING added dense tungsten weights to the sole and made the crown more aerodynamic – developments that increase swing speed and moment of inertia (MOI). The result is a driver with more similarities to the new G20 than the i15, but one that produces a more penetrating trajectory and lower spin rates. The driver will be available in lofts of 8.5°, 9.5° and 10.5°, with a standard shaft length of 45.25 inches.

i20 Fairway Woods

PING’s development team faced a bigger challenge when tasked with improving on the popular i15 fairway woods. With the i20 fairway woods, the team opted to place the center of gravity lower and deeper than in the i15 fairways, resulting in shots with a higher trajectory (still slightly lower than the G20) and less spin. The smaller and sleeker club heads were made to slice through rough and reach balls in the toughest lies. With heads made from 17-4 stainless steel, the i20 fairway woods have added both distance and forgiveness. Coupled with the same move to a neutral swing bias as the driver, these woods are longer, straighter, and easier to square than any previous i-Series fairway. The fairway woods will be available in lofts of 14°, 15° and 18°.


i20 Hybrids

Echoing the rest of the i20 woods, the i20 hybrids are neutrally weighted, making it easier to set the club face up square and, for better players, work the ball from side to side. Again, the 17-4 stainless steel head will offer more forgiveness and distance than the i15 hybrids. The R&D team, finding that most players miss low on the club face, added more face area low on the club and lowered the center of gravity. This makes the sweet spot easier to find on the i20 hybrid and makes it easier to launch balls into the air out of deep rough. The i20 hybrids will be available in lofts of 17°, 20° and 23°.

To each of these new woods, PING added a new black-matte finish that will greatly reduce glare and reflections off of the crown allowing players to focus completely on shot making. The finish also looks spectacular and will make an attractive addition to any player’s bag. You can find all of the new PING clubs at or at one of our Twin Cities locations. When you come in to the store, we will get your new clubs fit to your swing for free using our award-winning PING fitting process.

PING i20 irons teaser coming soon!

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