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iPING Putter App – The next great thing from PING

iPING Putter App – The next great thing from PING

“Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting” – golf writer, Peter Dobereiner

“Don’t buy a putter unless you’ve had a chance to throw it” – Frustrated golfer

It’s no mystery that golf is a tough sport to excel at. It’s a game where players are applauded and praised when they’re consistently able to shoot a score just a couple strokes OVER par. Perhaps the easiest and most frustrating way to add shots to your total score is on the green. It goes against all principles of the human brain — the closer you are to the hole, the easier it should be to make it in the hole. If it were as simple as that there’d be a lot more of us posting scores closer to par. Thankfully, there is a treatment for poor putting. Enter the new iPing Putter App from PING Golf.

PING Golf is routinely known for its incredible innovations in the game of golf, particularly regarding putters. This year PING has released a brand new phone application to appeal to today’s technology-driven world and to irritated putters everywhere. The app was designed as a putting improvement tool that identifies a player’s stroke type, analyzes their impact angle, and measures their tempo. After a few putts a player will learn what needs to be done to improve their putting stroke and to maintain consistency.

The app was officially released to the public on June 20th and is free to download. In order for the app to function properly, a PING cradle must be purchased. Your iPhone or iTouch sit in the cradle which clips onto your putter shaft just below the grip. Once everything is in place, you are ready to learn about your own personal putting stroke — good and bad! The cradles are available at both 2nd Swing retail locations for $30. Learn more about the iPing Putter App through this handy web review.

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