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Let the Dogs Hunt!

Let the Dogs Hunt!

Lucky for me I’ve been able to get out and play a couple times each of the past three weeks. I’ve been taking a lot of crap from friends, especially those with kids, who think I live a spoiled life of unreality. Seeing that I don’t have kids and the wife is cool with it, this is obviously hogwash. I get to do what I want to do until the kids come – what’s not real about that?

After starting the year fast, I got in a rut and couldn’t break 90 for two rounds.  How you can take 6 months off playing, come back like you didn’t miss a beat, then come out a week later and have no idea what’s going on is one of the great mysteries for golfers in Northern climes. There is no explanation for it.

Fortunately things turned around last weekend. Touch around and on the greens is shaping up.  Getting more and more comfortable with my 58 degree Titlelist Vokey and feeling confident with the flat stick. Still making some dreadful three-putts, but also making my share of 8 footers.

I broke 80 on a regulation course a few years ago for the first time, and I got back there Sunday after going 38-41. This is after bad three-putts on 1 and 9 and an 8 on 18 after thinking I could relax and pulling a five iron into the weeds, then messing around in a trap. Note to self and all amateur golfers out there:  the worst thing you can do is get tentative when closing out a round.  Even if you’re playing safe shots, you still have to play those shots aggressively.

Per Equitable Stroke Control rules I can only take a 78, which gives me a tidy 4.8 HCP for the round. An 81 at Woodhill the previous day has me confident going into the first round of men’s league play this weekend and a very important benefit scramble the following weekend.

As of 6/15 the handicap is 7.7 due to 4 good rounds in 2011, down from a 9.4 at the start of the year (Remember, handicaps are 90% of the top ten scores of your past twenty).

Only 2.3 strokes to shave off the handicap to get to a 5.4 and achieve the goal for 2011.  I’ll need a few more rounds in the 70s to make that happen.

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