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Let's Play Bingo Bango Bongo!

Let's Play Bingo Bango Bongo!

Fun on the Links with Friends or Not Your Grandma’s Game of Bingo

As the golf season starts here in Upstate New York, me and my usual group of buddies try to figure out new golf games to play on the course.

With our handicaps ranging from plus-4 all the way up to 19, it can be somewhat of a challenge to make it fair for every golfer. This past season, though, we found a game that is as equally fair and fun.  It’s name is Bingo Bango Bongo. It even has its own association.

Yes, the name may throw you for something your grandmother plays with her friends, but I can assure you that your group will enjoy the game with plenty of laughs along the way.



The format is quite simple. You must have at least two golfers, but the game is best with four. In our experience, it’s best to have two players keep score, just in case. 

Like every game you play with your buddies, you must establish if and how much money you will be playing for prior to the first tee shot of the day.

  • The first point up for grabs is called Bingo.  Bingo is awarded to the person who hits the green first.  So, the guy with the longest drive each hole normally has to wait to get their hands on the Bingo point.  
  • The second point is called Bango, and is awarded to the golfer who sticks his shot closest to the pin.  The player’s ball must be on the green to receive credit for the point.  
  • The final point to be earned is Bongo.  Bongo is awarded to the golfer who sinks his ball into the hole first. Three points in total are up for the taking on each hole.  Players may not play out of turn.

The game requires more than just a long drive.  Carefully placed tee shots and the ability to sink long putts is what will make you the Bingo Bango Bongo champion.  

custom bingo bango bongo scorecard

I suggest giving the game a shot — I am sure your group will have more fun and laughs then just a regular old stroke play format.


Each golfer will have an equal chance to earn points. You can add your own twist to the game, too, by designating the loser’s punishment. My personal favorite is that the loser buys the first round in the clubhouse after. 


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