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Why the Masters matters most

Why the Masters matters most

It’s all about the green (jacket, grass and money)

In taking on the subject that the Masters matter more, the obvious response is: “More than what?”

For golf aficionados, the Masters is more than just a golf tournament or the first of the four PGA Tour Majors. It’s an annual pilgrimage to heart of U.S. golf.


Another great Masters tradition, trying to skip balls onto the green across Hole 16′s pond.

It signals the end of winter and the promise of another season — and with beginnings come a sense of anticipation, drama and nostalgia for a game’s history that is at once revered and simultaneously being rewritten by the next generation of legends.

Nostalgia isn’t always a bad thing

Ever heard the old Green Bay Packer joke? “Why does it take four Packer fans to screw in a light bulb? One to screw it in and the other three to stand around and talk about how great the old one was.”

The Masters, perhaps more than any other major sporting event outside of anything governed by Major League Baseball, is unapologetic for its love with its traditions.


It wouldn’t be the Masters without the masters.

There are plenty of legitimate arguments bemoaning this paternalism over the old ways as fear of progress. But contemporarily, when sweeping change happens faster than you can update your Twitter feed, it’s kinda comforting in some small way to turn to institutions that are unafraid to be nostalgic.

That’s why the Masters matter more.


Augusta’s azaleas. ‘Nuff said.

Augusta National is the field

Like any other professional golf tournament, the Masters is a test of the very best in the sport. But Augusta National, more than the revolving circuit of other historic courses, is the ultimate competitor. Each hole, from Tea Olive to Holly, dangles tantalizing rewards that can be mercilessly swept away. This synthesis of beauty and bite wrapped into each feature of the course is what makes Augusta and the Masters matter more.


Welcome to God’s country.

Green is better than gold

For the week of the Masters, the ultimate prize in golf isn’t a comically oversized metal chalice; it’s an ugly green sport coat you have to give back — and about $1.4 million that you don’t. One part membership card and another part onerous laurel, the green jacket is golf’s most coveted prize. The NFL has the Super Bowl, the NHL has Lord Stanley’s Cup, but golf has the Masters and the green jacket.


This sure isn’t some muni.

There are plenty of other reasons the Masters matter, but what makes it matter more is unique to each person, really. And isn’t that true of many of the best things in life?


 The joy on 2013 Masters champ Adam Scott’s face says it all. Who says golf isn’t a passionate game?





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