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Minnesota Twins Star Gets Golf Clubs, Fitting at 2nd Swing Golf

Minnesota Twins Star Gets Golf Clubs, Fitting at 2nd Swing Golf

The door to the 2nd Swing’s Minnetonka golf shop swings open, allowing a bit of early-February precipitation to tag along as Major League Baseball’s most famous backstop steps inside the store. The tall, well-built man has a broad smile on his face framed by signature sideburns. The baseball season might be about to start, but today this Twin has his mind on improving his golf game.

Even the best athletes in the world can benefit from the custom golf club fitting experience 2nd Swing Golf offers to every customer that walks through the door. Before reporting to Minnesota Twins spring training in Fort Myers, Fla., one of the team’s most high-profile players – and one of the best all-around athletes to ever come out of Minnesota – walked into 2nd Swing looking to get custom fit; he ended up spending more than an hour in the Studio B putter fitting center getting himself the equipment to take advantage of a more golf-friendly climate.

After undergoing some custom adjustments (a little added length, among others) courtesy of 2nd Swing’s award-winning fitters, the one-time American League MVP was soon rolling the ball with the same fluidity of his vaunted batting stroke. The lefty – who oh by the way plays catcher – was so pleased with the results that soon after his visit he ordered a brand-new set of 2013 irons, also tuned to his unique specifications.

Some of you might be surprised to learn that these clubs were of the game-improvement variety. That’s right, even with the hand-eye coordination of a Greek god, a little added forgiveness in your irons doesn’t hurt. Keep that in mind in case your 2nd Swing fitter ends up recommending you switch from your beloved blades to a more user-friendly set at your next club fitting.

For the 2nd Swing staffers who helped fit the sweet-swinging slugger, they were amazed at how down-to-earth and friendly the hometown hero was, and how willing he was to learn from their expert knowledge. The takeaway: Everybody, absolutely everybody, can get more from their golf game and enjoy themselves more on the course when they take the time to get their clubs fit and learn from the friendly professionals at 2nd Swing Golf.

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