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Mission Accomplished: Drive for 5 Concludes Successfully

Mission Accomplished: Drive for 5 Concludes Successfully

According to the 9/15 ghin report my handicap is 4.9, 1.2 points lower than when I posted on August 1st. With that it appears I have actually achieved what I set out to do and gotten down to a 5 handicap. I say that with some measure of surprise because I didn’t actually expect it to happen.

I had mentioned way back when that a few more rounds in the high seventies would get me where I wanted to be. I didn’t mention — simply because it never occurred to me — that a single sparkling round would also do the trick.

In the past month I had a good round at Windsong, a nice 78. Then, I played the best round of my life and shot a 73 at Stoneridge. Even had a par putt lip out on 18 that would have given me an even par round. That single score netted at a .2 on the hcp report and did most of the work in getting below 5.

In my previous post I suggested that tinkering with the swing is not advised. After that I committed to feeling comfortable with my set up and not worrying about anything else. Then I just concentrated on keeping my head still and watching the ball through impact. Somehow this produced a pretty consistent swing and I was in fairways and hitting greens all day.

I’ll leave it at that as further analysis probably isn’t appropriate. Like the instructor says in the movie Shine, after you learn the rules you have to forget them, and I seemed to have pulled that off for a day.

I’ll also spare any grand conclusions, other than perhaps that this process may speak to the power of setting goals, whether I like it or not. Having that “5” goal in my head certainly served as motivation.

Beyond that, I’m sure the wife will be happy. In my first post I joked that we couldn’t have kids until I broke a 5 handy. So it looks like there are some new, non golf-related goals to pursue.

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