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Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review

Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review

Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review: (Available mid-August 2014)

In our Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review2nd Swing Golf Blog writer, former golf tour pro and master clubfitter Justin Smith gives mad love to Miura‘s latest deluxe and buttery soft iron set.

Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review

You can find technology and handcrafted precision in the 2014 Miura CB57 Forged Irons.

Technology (10 out of 10)

The Miura 1957 Limited Edition Cavity Back Forged Irons demonstrate how a little bit of technology can prove to be so vital. With a weight bar that is progressively designed throughout the set, precision and forgiveness is now prominent with this iron set.

As always, the process and expertise behind these Miura CB57 Forged Irons is second to none.

The staple of Miura irons is always the impressive tolerances of weight and uncanny feel. But I love how they can find a way to sprinkle in some technology too.

Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review

The Miura CB57 Forged Irons rate as high as it gets by our reviewer and golf pro, Justin Smith.

Looks (10 out of 10)

Usually irons are the hardest types of golf clubs to win me over. There have been some great feeling and performing irons for me that I just will not play because of the looks. The Miura CB57 Forged Irons are one of the best looking irons sets I have ever seen.

I had so much confidence looking down at this iron. It has the perfect amount of offset to allow the topline and leading edge to transition smoothly from the hosel.

The 2014 Miura CB57 Forged Irons set has just a perfect classic look that makes a Miura iron so elite (Look at the independent Japanese company’s website HERE to get an idea of how much precision custom handcrafted, individually-forged work goes into each club. And, yes, you do pay for all the hard work and top-end materials.).

Performance (10 out of 10)

Now the performance of most Miura (Check them out on Facebook HERE.) irons are based strictly on the dime sized sweet spot. If you strike the ball outside to sweet spot, consistency will be sacrificed greatly.

The Miura CB57 Forged Irons were very consistent when struck in the middle of the face as well as on the slight mishits. When testing on the launch monitor, I hit two shots thin, one shot on the toe, and three out of the middle of the clubface. My ball speed did not fluctuate any more than 4 mph.

My carry yardages were all between 186 and 191. This gave me so much confidence knowing that even if I did not have my best swing, my results allowed me to be consistent.

Miura CB57 Forged Irons Review

The 2014 Miura CB57 Forged Irons perform as well as they look: Fantastic.

Final Thoughts (Overall rating: 10 out of 10)

I never have questioned the feel and precision of a Miura iron. The issue has always been that most of the iron lines are constructed for the games elite players.

The Miura CB57 Forged Irons can appeal to many levels of players.

When you can pair the incredible Miura feel with technology that allows the iron to be consistent and long, you have a perfect iron all around.

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