The final day of the 2011 Minnesota Golf Show was one that will be remembered for a long time to come for those of us that experienced it.  With over a foot of snow falling in less than 10 hours, and whiteout conditions on the roads the golf show still had a decent turn out.  It’s amazing to see the resolve of Minnesotans (as well as some people from Wisconsin, and Ontario that I met today) as they took a trek into the storm down to the convention center to find deals on all sorts of items.  Traditionally Sunday is a day where people come to show looking for clubs, and today was no exception.

As noted in yesterday’s blog post, fitting was the key element with each customer that stop by our booths.  With traffic at the show slower because of the weather it allowed us to spend more time with people explaining (and in a lot of cases showing) how and why a fitting is the key element when purchasing clubs.  What was also really great to see today, and during the whole show, was how great our Country Club apparel sale went.  With items up to 80% off we were seeing people go out of the show with 10, 15 sometimes even 20 items of clothing.

- Tyler Bauman

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