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New Golf Season So Close You Can Smell It

New Golf Season So Close You Can Smell It

Nice relief from what has been a rather severe winter here in Minneapolis with temps in the high 30s and 40s the last few days.  Got inspired and grabbed my spare putter out of the trunk and did some work on the living room carpet yesterday, though my dog really likes to grab the balls and run away with them, which is both entertaining and counterproductive.  Last year we were playing in late March up here, so hopefully we’re less than a few months away from getting out.

Meantime, I have a mancation scheduled for the last weekend in March in New Orleans.  Two rounds planned while also taking in some March Madness with the college boys.  Should be a good start to the season if I can moderate my intake of silver bullets on the course.  We’ll be at the TPC New Orleans, home to the Zurich Classic, the second day.

A few updates based on previous posts.  The good news is I’m keeping up with the golf personal training with once-a-week sessions.  I’m feeling stronger and have lost 5 solid pounds.  Bad news is that it hasn’t seemed to correct my back issues just yet, which I’m guessing is more of a structural issue.  I’m going to hit the chiropracter this week and see if that helps matters.

The more I write this blog, the more I’m comfortable committing myself to the goal of getting down to a 5 handicap by the end of the season.  Getting the putting going early is going to be key.  I’m also thinking of swapping out my 3 and 4 irons for hybrids.  Love the long irons off the tee but haven’t found much consistency off the deck.  I’m sure the 2ndSwing guys have a few clubs in stock given that they have the largest selection of used clubs available in the US.

Braemar Golf Dome

The esteemed Braemar Golf Dome in Edina, MN

Overall, hard to stay patient as the snow slowly seeps away, which is why a couple of sessions at the local golf dome are in order in the coming weeks.  I’m thinking an early lesson should help to iron out the kinks faster and get the season started on a good trajectory.  Time to start preparing in earnest.

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