The launch of the SkyCaddie SGXw last year introduced the release of the next level of convenience by the already unmatched leader in golf GPS devices. This new unit produced by SkyGolf is not only backed by the most consistently accurate golf GPS company but also offers luxury beyond its predecessors.

The SGXw has the same sleek, thin design with a large easy-to-view screen that displays yardages with PinPoint Technology. Like the earlier SGX you are allowed to scroll your downloaded courses to gauge every inch of every fairway and every edge of every hazard. The creators at SkyGolf also added a yardage ring function that displays the possibilities of not only the perfect shot but also the traps and hazards that come into play off the fairway. This is absolutely phenomenal to me for now I can club down and up to completely eliminate the unforgiving second shot from a fairway bunker.

However the best function of this new-age device is the Wi-Fi. This allows for smooth glide from the car to the tee even on courses that you never planned on playing until you pull into the parking lot. Now, instead of having to go back to the hotel on trips to download the course you plan to play, you can wander into the clubhouse, connect to their wireless internet through your SGXw and before you finish paying for your greens fees and a sleeve of balls the course has been downloaded and is ready to give you the full SkyCaddie experience. If you have never played with a SkyCadde or even if you believe them to be unnecessary, I implore you to at least test drive this new unit. You may find a whole new way to march the fairways.

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David Robert Buyck is 23 and from Blaine, Minn. He and has been playing golf for 19 of his years. Buyck is 2nd Swing Golf's lead photographer and shows a keen eye and interest in the sport and its products.

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