Drum roll please! After many long months of carefully constructed design plans, The New 2nd Swing Golf is proud to announce the official launch of its freshly renovated website: 2ndswing.com. As of May 13th, 2nd Swing has significantly upgraded its own unique website to better cater to the demands of the ever-growing online community. Now it will be even easier to browse through our 15,000+ used golf clubs each with their own distinctive description and actual photos.

There are a number of new features to get excited about with the revamped website. One of the areas 2nd Swing has continuously prided itself on is its massive selection of clubs – from clubs dating back to the early 70s to the latest and greatest models launched in 2011 by the top golf manufacturers. There have been instances, however, where certain clubs are a bit tougher to find. Thus, we introduce Club Finder. This new option gives online customers the ability to specifically narrow down what it is they want by manufacturer, model, club type, and any other specifications that are desired. As soon as a club matching the customer’s description is added into inventory (hundreds of clubs are added daily), an email notification will be immediately sent to those looking for it. Simple as that.

To segue into the next new online addition, pay close attention to 2nd Swing’s mantra: “it’s not you, it’s your clubs”. 2nd Swing has worked hard to create a straightforward golf club trade-in program to help rid yourself of any particularly nasty club in your bag. On average, 2nd Swing will pay 10-15% more than any other company for your used clubs. The 4-step process is easy and there are online representatives available to help you through any questions that might arise. With new equipment being introduced to the market each year, there will always be opportunities to upgrade.

So next time you’re in the market to change up your golf sticks, take a stroll through the newly designed 2ndswing.com. We’ve made it easier to find that perfect club.

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