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Nike 20XI-X Golf ball Review!

Appearance: The ball does not look like a premium high end ball. The cover is very similar to a low end ball, looks very hard and cheap. With all Nike balls the design is nothing spectacular, classic look.


Sound & Feel: This is an extremely important category for me. The feel off the driver and putter are something I really didn’t care for with this ball. The ball is very clicky for being a premium ball (recurring theme in this review). The ball felt so firm off my driver i felt like i was going to cave in the face of my driver..! Off the putter the same thing felt like I was miss hitting it with every putt. Now the sound of this ball is just completely different the only way I can describe it. I had to look down at my driver to make sure it wasn’t cracked after impact. The sound is just not for me very clicky with the wedges and with the driver extremely loud odd sounding. Overall the sound & feel of this ball gets a below average grade.


Durability: This is where this ball absolutely shines above all other premium balls and I mean all others! This thing is a tank you can not scuff this cover up. I would hit a full lob wedge and got to the green and looked at my ball not so much as a scuff mark. If durability is major factor for you the Nike 20XI-X golf ball will be ideal for you.


Length: I knew the first time when this ball was struck with my driver it was going to be considerably longer than my gamer (TM PENTA). The Nike 20XI-X is a good 5-8 yards longer, easily. This thing just doesn’t stop, this goes for wedges as well I was hitting it long of my target on a regular basis. Again this ball has to be one of the longest in the premium ball category.


Spin: This is where the Nike 20XI-X will frustrate a lot of players. This has virtually no spin characteristics around the green. I tried everything out of bunkers tight fairways with a full lob wedge, nothing seemed to generate enough spin. Off the tee and with my Irons the side spin characteristics seemed similar to most premium balls. A good player will have a hard time gaming this ball.


Overall: This ball has such extreme highs and lows in multiple categories. This is one of the more frustrating balls I have ever played. The durability and length are in a class by itself no one can touch it ten out of ten. Then you get to the feel, sound, and spin and the ball completely falls short the clickyness of the ball makes it very hard to even putt with. The spin is basically nothing around the greens. My recommendation is if are looking for a durable and long golf ball this ball will make you very happy. If you are looking for a true players ball similar to a PRO-V or Penta stay away from this ball.

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